The Amulet
by Sadik Yemni

Translated by Dr. Mert Akcanbas

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    "Savor the journey through
    a maze of superstition and


The Amulet

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Snippet from Book

...Just then the well's rusted iron lid, which looked like it had been sealed shut for centuries, shook and opened slightly. Sarp froze, his hair standing on end. He saw Ayten out of the corner of his eye as she approached him. But he couldn't move, as if in a trance.

"Watch out, Sarp! She'll stab you!"

When Ayten attacked Sarp with the scissors, Tahir skillfully swung and punched her. Ayten dropped the scissors and doubled over, gasping for air.

"She would have killed me if you hadn't come," said Sarp.

But before Tahir could reply, she attacked him, raking her razor-sharp fingernails across his face. He screamed in pain, then drove a powerful punch into her face. She fell to the ground like a chopped tree.

He and Sarp noticed something move on the other side of the garden.

The skeleton of a soldier with a torn uniform was standing near the well, gazing at them. They heard the hissing noise of flapping wings, then crackling sounds, as thousands of crickets that lived in the trees hit the ground, dead. Night was falling. Everything in the garden took on a murky, gray hue. Sarp looked at Tahir, whose dark complexion had turned a pasty white.

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About This Great Book

Young Sarp, his best friend, and three old ladies, blessed or cursed with "second sight," sense that something sinister and highly dangerous is operating in their neighborhood—planning and achieving the success or demise of various people in order to reach its ultimate goal. But what is this goal and how many people will have to die?

The Amulet is set during the childhood years of a couple of neighborhood kids, in the enchanting city of Izmir, Turkey, which is in itself other-worldly, because of its ancient roots and the combined and evolved superstitions of many different cultures.

Our young people decide to trust their elders, when reality starts to become confusing. The three old ladies happen to be soothsayers, native to Izmir and familiar with events of the past eighty years.

And that's where it becomes puzzling. Did it happen that way? How and why? How can they prevent this terrible wraith that is about to happen at any minute?

This book presents the possibility of events happening in different places and at different times, but happening again at the present moment. It will force you to reconsider accepted concepts of how we exist in space and time.


From A Review

In Sadik Yemni's other-worldly novel, The Amulet, Yemni takes his readers on a grand tour through a spellbinding labyrinth of possibilities, realistic and yet mystical.


From The Author

When I was growing up in Izmir, Turkey, my grandmother consulted the grinds that collected at the bottom of her coffee cup and read the shapes formed from molten lead poured on water, anytime she, or anyone else, needed guidance in making a decision. It was customary to read the bottom of a coffee cup among friends, just to present interesting possibilities for the future, but it could be serious business.

She was so good at "seeing" that she gained a certain renown in the neighborhood as a fortune-teller.

So, I have been imagining what she saw or might have seen from my earliest years. You can imagine how fascinating it was.

I toyed with the idea of a book called The Amulet for years. Then one day it dawned on me just exactly how I could tell this story so my readers would be spellbound and entertained by a web of fantasy that reminds me so much of my own childhood that I almost feel like it really happened and I saw it all!

Sadik Yemni


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