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3-D Cover for Killer Asylum

"Soren Cabel makes Hannibal Lecter look like a Boy Scout!"
--- ActionTales.com

The novel Killer Asylum features FBI agent Alison Moiré. The book begins with her on a manhunt for a crazed serial killer named Soren Cabal, who is known as the Seasonal Slasher. Alison captures Cabal, but then must face him again when he takes control of a New York mental institution and holds the staff hostage.

In this thriller, author Williams draws heavily from two inventive books that were made into classic movies. Its central story of a clever serial killer and a dedicated FBI agent seems clearly inspired by Thomas Harris's The Silence of the Lambs. Williams folds these elements into a bloody update of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, with a team of serial killers engaged in a graphically violent patient revolt.

Killer Asylum is a suspenseful page-turner. The narrative is sharp, gory, and Gothic. When describing the hunt for Cabal, Williams writes: At times it seemed as if the madness reached out to her, somehow entering her skull to caress her brain. Holding her close. Gathering her to its breast. Forcing her to breathe deeply of its malefic essence. Making her one with it. (or) Blue lights mounted on the walls behind cages cast odd, diffused checkerboards. A row of industrial washing machines lined one wall; an advanced guard of cubist Cyclopes. Killer Asylum has many similarly odd metaphors; at one point, the villain's body is twisted like a swastika.

When Killer Asylum is in the middle of one of its many action scenes, Williams describes these scenes with accuracy and flair in a vivid, almost cinematic way. An example is a gunfight that Alison has with Cabal's accomplices: The cylinder exploded. The door frame vanished in a cloud of dirty fog. A blood curdling scream accented by shattered glass, ruptured wood and the detonation of the extinguisher. Shrapnel ricocheted off the top of the panel, drew crackling sparks, tore into the wall.

The villains are evil and sadistic, and the heroine is brave and resourceful. The story is suspenseful, and Williams tells it in a relentless, graphic manner.

- Rating: Three Stars -
by Curtis Edmonds, Foreword Review

"The book is a treat for all you true lovers of horror who have been turning anorexic; thanks to a diet of toon-land, terror billboards, and noodle thin 'frighteners'. The master of blood and gore is here and he is making a bold statement; the font color is undoubtedly red."

- Nikesh Murali, eBook Reviews Weekly

"You're my kind of guy!"

- Herschell Gordon Lewis
  (Blood Feast, Blood Feast 2, 10,000 Maniacs)


Courtesy of my pal Ethan, (no writing slouch himself) I read your book. Killer Asylum is one in a hundred books I've picked up over the last I don't know how long but the ONE AND ONLY book I didn't put down until I was finished reading the last page. As a producer, reading for pleasure has become something of a distant memory, reserved for vacations or for other lucky people. I love the irony that I read something for pleasure and it has to be turned into something for work.

Killer Asylum should be a movie and if I can't turn it into one I'll eat my hat. I have partnered with a producer named Darby Parker on another project and he has really made a science out of getting thrillers set-up and sold. Together, with Ethan, we would love to work out a deal with you.

Hollywood is a scary place, almost as scary as the dark recess of Soren Cabal's mind. When I become passionate over material like your book, I'm comforted that I am not totally insane for staying in this business. For the chance to get this one across the finish line, it's worth the madness.

- Rachel Rothman, Producer

"The Best Serial Killer novel in years ... maybe ever ..."

- Desiree Cowell, HorrorWeb

Serial killer, Soren Cabal, is part of a government experiment to study the mindset of a serial killer. He and 8 of the country's most notorious serial killers are brought in chains to an old insane asylum. Because of government shortages, security is not the best. Cabal leads a revolt, and the killers ruthlessly take over.

Alison Moire, whose family was brutally murdered by a psychopath when she was 7, (she's unaware it was Cabal at this point) is an FBI expert. She's well known for her uncanny ability to reach into the mindset of a serial killer. To such depths that it terrifies her.

She has recently retired from the FBI because she's burned out. Afraid she's in the serial killer's mindset too deeply. Too close to being like them. She KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS them TOO well. She fears for her sanity. Maybe even ending up becoming one of them.

Remember there are 9 serial killers contained in the asylum. Cabal is the WORST. He's killed over 200 people (mainly whole families). Cabal insists he'll kill all the hostages if Alison doesn't enter the asylum and meet with him. Unbeknownst to anyone, he secretly knows Alison's fragile state of mind. He "knew" she was entering his mindset. He wants to make her "him." He wants her to become what he is. And he's planning to do just that.

A reluctant and unknowing Alison is eventually talked into entering the prison. The authorities promise all the protection she'll need. ha ha

She enters a hell hole. Cabal shoots her up with experimental drugs that are to be used on the study group. She's repeatedly subjected to the whims of the whole killer group. She manages to hang on by a mere thread. Although by this time, she fears she's gone over the edge.

The ending is so different from the typical horror tale. Pretty sad and disillusioning. It's a total surprise.

It's really weird. And know what? It works. The characters are just like anyone you'd meet on the street. They're human. They're not big mega-overblown creatures as in many horror tales. There are no screaming women who stumble and fall every few seconds. It's really creepy. And so well done. It's one of the best horror books ever written.

Bet this book will be made into a movie! The storyline is every bit as good or better than "Silence of the Lambs."

It's true, Cabal makes Hannibal Lecter look like a Boy Scout!

A bold and terrifying journey into the mindset of a serial killer ...



"Imagine your absolute worst nightmare. Imagine you're in it!"
--- ActionTales.com

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