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Some Of David's Work

Killer Asylum - "I know you're awake," said Soren Cabal. "The way you're breathing. The language of your body. It shrieks awareness."

She opened her eyes. They were in the basement. Low ceiling veined with dark wooden slats. Damp stone walls, the fissures between thick with webs cluttered with the dust-dry shells of drained insects. A floor of black earth from which rose a grave-like stench.

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David's Credits

"Metal Noir" - (screenplay) (1984)

FBS Transgressive Culture - Various Articles/Reviews, 1990 - 1992

"The Eldritch: A Tale of Erotic Violence" - (screenplay) (1992)

The Coe Review - "India" (short story) (1993)

Puck - "Mutant Kabuki" (excerpt from novel "Void Edge") (1993)

"Blood N bOnes" (screenplay) (1993)

Generations Magazine - Various Articles, 1994-1998

"identities" (screenplay) (1994)

"anomaly"(screenplay) (1995)

"4point0" (screenplay) (1997)

"American Dysfunction" (screenplay) (1998)

"Void Edge" (screenplay and novella) (2000)

"twilight in the spaces between" (screenplay) (2001)

"Eaten" (short story) (2002)

"The Tate House: Razor Blade Remix" (novella) work in progress

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David R. Williams
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David R. Williams is a successful screen and technical writer. He has worked with Sheldon/Post Productions, Edgewood Productions, Gable Films, Shadow Productions, Captures Entertainment and Elbow Soup Films. He is Web Content Supervisor - E-Business for Science Kit, Boreal Laboratories and Edmund Scientific. He is the competition coordinator for the Screenplay as Literature Competition, the recipient of a Pierre McAloon Award, and a Thompson and Prince Fellowship. He produced the documentary "Bible of Flesh" and created the award-winning short film "Kumar 57."

David holds a B.A. in Media Study with a minor in Psychology and Forensics.

He lives somewhere on the edge of civilization in Buffalo, New York.

Killer Asylum is his first novel. He is currently working on two more.

David R. Williams
Buffalo, New York


Killer Asylum - Perhaps a Movie?

Photo of David and Dario Argento

David (on the left) with Italian film director Dario Argento. He has directed Suspiria, Deep Red, Opera and many other slasher/horror/supernatural films since the early 70s.


From The Author

Here's a Treat for You


Great short story by David R. Williams.
It'll give you goosebumps! Guaranteed.

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