Mad: A Free Man
by M. Mehmet Unver

Translated by Dr. Mert Akcanbas

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    "A fascinating voyage to a
     forgotten time, shrouded in
     mythology and mysticism."


Mad: A Free Man

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Snippet from Book

Mad stood at the door of the temple. Ram leaned on him with one hand and walked with the help of her baton.

Ram signaled to him to take off his tunic as they came near the fire. She pulled at the star-shaped amulet that decorated her baton until it came off in her hand, exposing the baton's sharpened point, which she held over the fire until it was glowing red. She drew three circles on Mad's chest from a short distance. Then she pressed five lines into his flesh over his heart. With each touch of the baton's glowing point, he squeezed his eyes tightly from the pain. When the edges of these lines came together, everyone saw that they formed the symbol of Ninhursag: a star.

The woman assisting in the ritual handed Mad a bowl. As he raised the bowl over his head, he took an oath: "I am devoting myself to the service of Ninhursag. I am submitting my devotion and life to her. I will be a protector of peace and security in this land. I will not have pity on anyone who kills others or harms women and children. I take this oath before the Goddess Ninhursag and all of you to serve and protect this temple until I die."

He drank the white liquid and gave the bowl back to the woman. Then, with her help, he put on the leather tunic again and knelt in front of Ram, his chest throbbing from the branding.

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About This Great Book

Mad, a young priest in Ninhursag's temple, is taken from his ravaged village into slavery and marched to the Sumerian metropolis of Eridu. He becomes involved with an underground element, who have an intriguing plan to restore power to the banished goddess, Inanna, and save the land from its oppressors.

But Mad and his new friends are mistaken about many truths of the underworld and what Mad will eventually have to sacrifice to save Inanna—the very thing he has been striving for all along.

This is a simple tale about simple people in a very complex world, but their fight for truth and freedom rings true for all time.


From A Review

M. Mehmet Unver's historical fantasy novel, Mad: A Free Man is set in ancient times in southeastern Anatolia, commonly referred to as "the cradle of civilization" and homeland to the Sumerian civilization. It is about a young temple priest and his lifelong struggle for freedom, first from the rules of his village temple, and then from the sinister machinations of a strict religious hierarchy that rules the metropolis Eridu and will do anything to retain power.


From The Author

Mad: A Free Man is an idea I've been playing with for years—a story set in the roots of human civilization, shrouded in the mystery of an ancient belief system, but with a clear message for all mankind.

M. Mehmet Unver


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