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Mad: A Free Man - A young Sumerian priest is taken from his idyllic village and sold into slavery. This is the story of how he fights to escape bondage and rescue a banished goddess and in doing so, save his people from the tyrannical ruling god, Enki, and his power-hungry followers, who make up the ruling class in this ancient civilization.

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(The following titles are currently available in Turkish only.)

Mad: A Free Man (Books 2-4)



Zingara's Love



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M. Mehmet Unver
Reutlingen, Germany





I was born in Batman, Turkey, to deeply religious parents. From the age of 5, I attended parochial school in preparation for a life as an Islamic priest, but I soon discovered that I wasn't cut out for the life my parents had prepared me for.

After flitting around from various small jobs, including working in a shoe factory, I finally settled down to writing.

Since 1993, I have been living in Reutlingen, Germany, with my wife and four children. I continue to be enchanted with the ancient mystery of my homeland, a place settled at the beginning of recorded human history.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry and reading anything I can get my hands on in German and Turkish. I am also currently working on a computer program called "TAM," which is being developed to teach young people and adults how to use the computer.

You can visit my Web site at www.mehmetünver.com

M. Mehmet Unver
Reutlingen, Germany
April 2, 2010


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