The Murders at Castletop
by Cuneyt Ulsever

Translated by Dr. Mert Akcanbas

3-D Cover for The Murders at Castletop

   "A tale of revenge, the roots 
    of which are hidden deep beneath
    a rotting humus of human tragedy."


The Murders at Castletop

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Snippet from Book

Erdogan began, "Imagine a murder. The perpetrator's accomplice is in our lock-up. He's fully aware he only helped to pull off the job, but he can't give us any info on the principal perp. He really doesn't know anything about him. He can vaguely describe the killer's physical appearance, but there are millions all over the country who fit that description."

Batur took a deep breath and a sip of his drink. "I have a double homicide and a suspect who has confessed to one of them. The other murder was committed by one of the victims. It's similar to Erdogan's problem, in that I have an accomplice who was forced to provide the killer with entry into the victim's home."

After a thoughtful silence, Harun said, "Do you realize these cases have certain similarities? And I have a case that's also a lot like them.

"First, the motive for all the murders is unclear. Second, the murders occurred between 11-12 midnight on February 9, 2005. Third, all three of the victims lived in Castletop from 1958–62."

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About This Great Book

Police Captain Harun Deniz has his suspicions. Three very shady characters have been murdered almost simultaneously. They have too many things in common to be coincidental. One clue rings loud and clear—they all lived in Castletop all those years ago.

Will the antiquated brother and sister provide that tiny spark of information that will bring focus to the investigation? After all, they know everything about everyone who lived in Castletop for the past eighty years. And the things they know . . .

Another of Cuneyt Ulsever's cleverly woven whodunits, solved by his popular "gang of three."


From A Review

Cuneyt Ulsever has woven the tale portrayed in The Murders at Castletop from elements that lurk in the shadows: the plight of homeless children and the traps they fall into, the ignorance that accompanies extreme poverty, the burning hate of a man who needed to avenge a terrible wrong done to him almost a lifetime ago.


From The Author

I love putting the adventures of my "gang of three," who live so vividly in my imagination, into words for their reader fans to enjoy.

Their sense of right helps them deal with the results of this amazing investigation and answer the question—who really deserves to be punished?

Cuneyt Ulsever


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