The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy
by Cuneyt Ulsever

Translated by Dr. Mert Akcanbas

3-D Cover for The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy

   "This story will change the way 
    you look at organized religion
    and the 'slavery' an innocent
    believer can fall into."


The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy

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Snippet from Book

Melek whispered a prayer as she walked out the front door, like she did every day. She wondered where Muhammet was and if he was well. She knew she would have to get used to not knowing. After all, being a member of a secret organization wasn't easy. She laughed at herself as she thought: Well, Missy, you better get used to it!

Tarik Urundi had sent her word himself: "Your legal name is Melek Danis, but everyone in our organization has a code name and yours is Munevver the Teacher." Melek responded happily, "What job will I have inside the organization?"

"Right now you are a sleeper, but when the time comes, you will have a very important job."

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About This Great Book

Melek Danis has an assignment. She must convince her father, who is Turkey's President Turgut Ozal's private butler, that he must assist her in placing a bug in the president's library. She has qualms. Why was it necessary for her bosses to kidnap her daughter? Were her superiors suspicious of her, or just careful to make sure her father did as he was told?

Melek is part of an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell that is just being awakened.

This story will change the way you look at organized religion and the "slavery" an innocent believer can fall into.


From A Review

Cuneyt Ulsever's historical mystery novel The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy is set during the presidency of one of Turkey's most popular modern politicians—President Turgut Ozal. More specifically, the early years of the 1990s when the first ideas of reshaping the Middle East began to be spoken of in the highest circles of world politics, but that was in the West. During the same period, the rising anger of Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East asserted itself as Islamic terrorism became a reality all over the world.



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