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Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom - Playing hockey in high school, prep school and in college, taught author, Paul B. Thornton, valuable life lessons. In addition, it sparked his interest in management and leadership. He studied and observed what the top coaches did that made them successful. This book describes his journey from player to coach to leader. He illustrates the four steps that all leaders must take to make a difference.

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Best Leadership Advice I Ever Got

Big Three Management Styles

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Paul B. Thornton
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My professional career has included stints in each of the following:

  • Author
  • College hockey coach
  • College teacher
  • Manager, management training and development
  • Human Resource manager
  • Executive coach
  • Trainer and seminar leader
  • Speaker

In each of these roles, my goal has been to help people become more effective managers and leaders. In 1996, I received a United Technologies President's Award for Significant Contribution to an Important Team Project and in 1985, a United Technologies Special Award for Extraordinary Management Effectiveness.

At the undergraduate level I studied management, psychology, and political science at Ohio University. I have an MBA from American International College and a Master's in Education from Suffolk University. I believe in lifelong learning and continue to attend two or more seminars each summer.

Currently, I am a professor of business administration at Springfield Technical Community College. In addition, I am an associate professor at large for the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership which is located in Brussels, Belgium.

Along with being a college teacher, I am president of Be The Leader Associates. I design and deliver great training programs that produce lasting change. My seminars, training programs and speeches are consistently rated at the top of the scale.

"Paul Thornton's presentation, 'Be the Leader, Make the Difference' was outstanding. Alumni and guests thoroughly enjoyed his effective and no nonsense approach to being a leader, building confidence and achieving success in the workplace. We look forward to working with him again!"
- - - Paula Prifti Weafer, Director of Alumni Relations, Sawyer Business School Suffolk University

"He is a polished presenter."
- - - Program Coordinator, Holyoke Leadership Seminar

I am the author of 12 books. My latest books include:

  • Best Leadership Advice I Ever Got
  • Big Three Management Styles

I have been married for 33 years. My wife, Mary Jean, also teaches management courses so we spend many dinners discussing teaching techniques. We have two wonderful children, Kate and Andrew. Recently we became grandparents. Our grandson Owen is a joy!

Paul B. Thornton
Chicopee, Massachusetts


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