The Afghan Tiger
by Nick Taddeo

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    "One of the most realistic
    tales you'll ever read about the
    civilian obstacles a returning 
    veteran must face." 


The Afghan Tiger

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Snippet from Book

Sometimes the reality of a place surpasses the wildest imagination. As Tyler left his hotel near the center of Kabul, he first saw to the east the Hindu Kush mountain range lifting its jagged snowcapped peaks high above the multitude of pedestrians and vehicles scurrying about on the streets below.

The reality of walking in a teeming city in one of the earth's oldest surviving cultures pulled him to an abrupt stop. He studied the individuals striding along with purpose or not to destinations for food or entertainment, for work or pleasure, destinations that preceded the living inhabitants and would no doubt supersede them and this instant in time. Here he stood taking in the views of the magnificent and the mundane. His own purpose overwhelmed by the stark reality of this desert-surrounded, often-ravaged city supporting life by a precarious thread, yet continuing to thrive through millenniums and likely would continue for several eons to come.

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About This Great Book

So many young people returning from fighting for their lives and their country in Iraq and Afghanistan find that surviving the civilian wars can be as debilitating as fighting in a deadly war zone. . . .

Since Tyler Van Norman has always been interested in art, an ad for a gallery assistant would be a good start. Yet he hesitates before opening the door to what would be a drastically different way of life. As he is making up his mind to go in, another man approaches the gallery.

The man speaks to Tyler first: "Don't be afraid to go in."

"I'm not afraid of anything. Well, that's not entirely true, but I'm not afraid about going in here. There are just a whole lot of other thoughts going around inside my head."


From A Review

In Nick Taddeo's fifth novel, The Afghan Tiger, Tyler Van Norman, a young veteran returning from service in Afghanistan, wants to pursue his lifelong interest it art. During his time in service, he'd been injured as he pulled a child out of a bombed-out house in Kunar Province. He wasn't allowed to bring the little girl with him even though the mother had been killed and the fate of her father, an Afghan soldier, was unknown. Against his protest, Tyler was sent home to recuperate.


From The Author

I served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and returned with a strong desire to get back into the flow where I could make my own choices and seek opportunities to live a full life. I believe I've captured a great deal of that struggle in The Afghan Tiger and hope you will enjoy reading the novel.

Nick Taddeo


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