Tinnemaha Creek
by Nick Taddeo

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    "Humans encroaching on
    wild animal habitat force 
    a fierce competition for 
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Tinnemaha Creek

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Snippet from Book

(Cobra Stevens, wildlife biologist, is asking the girls to describe the mountain lion they encountered in the meadow.)

"Would this help?" Adriana had brought her drawing of the meadow with the lion's head.

"This is very good, Adriana. Are you sure the ears were so dark?"

"Yes. The black part went down farther than just the tips."

"I noticed something else, too," Stephanie added. "Around the mouth and all over his chest it was almost pure white, whiter than any pictures I've ever seen. I don't know how it kept itself so clean."

"That's right," Adriana remembered. "His whole body was pale, like light colored sand."

"These are good clues, girls. You're both very observant. And you said it went back toward the foothills?"

"Yes, but it won't make any difference."

"What do you mean?"

"My father and his friends will probably shoot it down before you ever find it."

"How do you know that?"

"They're out there doing something right now. He called a lot of people this week and said they would meet somewhere today, then he left very early this morning."

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About This Great Book

Searching for wildflowers near the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas, best friends, Stephanie and Adriana, are startled when suddenly confronted by a cougar.

Word of the sighting spreads like wildfire throughout the valley. Feeling the animal rights advocates' solutions are too soft, many outraged ranchers quickly form a hunter's coalition.

Out of the chaos that erupts, Cobra Stevens, an attractive wildlife biologist of mixed Pauite and European heritage, is called in and given the seemingly insurmountable task of restoring peace between the two groups.

Tragedy strikes. This only makes the vigilantes led by Adriana's dad, Earl Kramer, more determined to rid their Valley of all cougars. Cobra Stevens is clearly running out of time. And what of the cougars? Will they be the ultimate losers in this deadly battle?

Tinnemaha Creek is a thought-provoking tale of how wildlife vs. human rights collide in our contemporary lives.

On a precipice
  higher than quaking aspen
    a mountain lion waits.


From A Review


Nick Taddeo has crafted a finely tuned, poetic novel. Beautiful and thought provoking. I think anyone with an interest in people and nature would enjoy it.


From The Author

My love of animals has been one of life-long interest. When I was a youngster and first saw a caged lion pacing back and forth in a tiny cell at the Detroit Zoo, I knew something was wrong. I couldn't let go of that image. Even today, I run because a sense of unrestricted movement connects me to the freedom which a wild animal needs to survive.

For the novel Tinnemaha Creek, I camped, hiked, and studied the Eastern Sierras, consulted with Native Americans, farmers, ranchers, and wildlife specialists to raise my awareness of the dilemma which confronts both humans and wildlife struggling for survival in that beautiful tumultuous slice of the American West.

I wrote the novel because I wanted to do something about that crisis.

Nick Taddeo


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