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The Afghan Tiger - Tyler may have had it tough during his two tours in Afghanistan, but none of that prepares him for returning to civilian life where he faces deception, fraud, and thievery. He will not come out of the civilian wars unscathed, but when he elects to return to the war zone to make right a terrible wrong, the reader will come away with the sense that the experience has changed Tyler, as well as the reader, for the better.

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Anna's Passion - Annaís Napa Valley winery has been suffering debilitating attacks, not from other competing wineries but from an intensely troubled young man. She must take action soon or she will lose everything: the winery, the land, the vines, and the equipment. Even her identity is being threatened. She must figure a way out. It has to be something dramatic, yet simple, but so effective it will set in his brain forever.

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Night Wine - Night Wine traces the experiences of a determined young winemaker, Amerigo Pugliesi. His struggles over the forces of weather, Prohibition, and prejudice provide the backdrop for this unique novel set in the California wine country. It is a story that's never been told about the enormous influences diverse minorities have contributed to developing the California wine industry into the highly respected position it holds in the world today.

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Tinnemaha Creek - Wildlife vs. human rights clash when a cougar approaches two young girls searching for wildflowers near the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas. Cobra Stevens, wildlife biologist, must restore peace out of chaos that erupts between the ranchers who form a hunter's coalition and the animal rights advocates. Time is clearly running out in this deadly battle. And what of the cougar? Will he be the ultimate loser?

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August In the Mind - Tony Antonelli can't explain why he attacked a total stranger without provocation. He suspects genetic memory triggered his action, an ancient hatred inherited. He journeys to Italy, back to his roots, to seek the answer and preserve his sanity. Provides grand insights into Italy today and its remarkable history.

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If you have not met, let me introduce you to Nick Taddeo, a great friend. We met years back, teaching in Los Angeles. Nick taught English while I taught mathematics, probably the two least popular subjects in the curriculum. So we had a lot in common right off.

But few of us are one thing or another. Nick is also a car buff, writer, student, and traveler. He does a good deal of the latter on foot, by car or truck, and by bus, train, ship or plane. Any transport available is welcome. So long as it helps him get to a place of interest, a place in which he can learn even more about who we are as people.

This is his primary interest, particularly the whys of what we do. And, of course, he asks such questions of himself. Through the years, he has found many answers. And he continues his search for more. A serious student of history, sociology, psychology, and anything that can provide insight into the human condition.

Nick was writing when I met him. And he continues to this day. While his stories are seldom mainstream, each is insightful, positive, and upbeat, for this is his view of things.

Nick still lives in Pasadena, California, in the same apartment in which he lived when we met. It is not a grand palace, simply comfortable. And conveniently located to take full advantage of the dynamic that is Los Angeles. To Nick, I think it is less a place for living, than a point of departure to another place that provides a better view of the world and the people in it.
--- Bob McElwain

** Fun Stuff **

Nick explains: "My first experience with making wine came when I was about ten or eleven. I helped my father press what he called Michigan and California grapes in our cellar. Breathing the strong aroma issuing from the fermented must and taking a few sips of the purple juice caused me to stagger around half intoxicated until I could get out for some fresh air.

"I didnít know at the time I would develop such a strong interest in the process and the people involved. Pouring from any bottle brings an endless variety of tastes depending on the winemaker, the soil, the climate and forever, the grape. So out of this interest I have managed to write two novels, and yet I go on studying the subject and tasting the wines."

- - -

Taddeo was first published in Westways. It was an article titled Stadium Fever. It explores how sports fans from Roman to modern times have attempted to influence the outcome of athletic contests. Because of his interest and participation in Track & Field, he sold several radio scripts, The Olympic Minute, during the Olympic games.

He also played the role of a track official in the 1998 movie Without Limits, about the life and career of legendary long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine, starring Donald Sutherland and Billy Crudup.

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