Coming Home Again
by Philip R. Sullivan

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    "However rare true love
     may be, it is less so 
     than true friendship."


Coming Home Again

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Snippet from Book

He kissed her. "I love you. I'm going to miss you so bad!" The tears came to his eyes and then to hers. They hugged each other. "It's my favorite dream," he said.



"Me?" she answered happily, lying down beside him again.

"You!'" he affirmed. "Whatever I actually am, I love ... whatever that means ... you ... whoever you happen to be!"

"And I love you, too!" she said. "You're so ... so definitive!" They giggled like little children, and laughed like people who thought they had something to laugh about. Then Jud turned on his side, and Joanna cuddled up close behind him. The dread of that unknown dominion beyond sleep had subsided, and they drifted off instead to the magic land of Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod.

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About This Great Book

Most of us believe it takes a lifetime to live a life. Yet barely halfway through, and Jud Gerard learned that this was going to be for him pretty much the whole ball of wax—not enough time left to even start to address the failures he felt so keenly.

Coming Home Again is, in part, an account of how Jud went about dealing with the premature closure of his life. But far more, it is the story of how his friends managed to stare a reflection of their own mortality straight in the eye long enough to support their friend on his journey home.


From A Review

Having just finished a jousting match with lymphoma—which fortunately is now in remission—Iím not sure I was the best person to read Coming Home Again. Nevertheless, from the opening line, "Malignant?" to the ending reference that life "goes on," and we all approach the "going on" in different ways, this book was a grabber. The story passed smoothly from paragraph to paragraph and from thought to thought, so smoothly that I scarcely wanted to put the book down until the journey was over....


From The Author

As a doctor of many years, I have well learned the lesson that no person can look at either the sun or death with a steady eye. Yet in respect to both the friends around us and ourselves, we will at one point or another be called upon to attempt such a task.

And to succeed in this venture, nothing helps quite so much as a sense of humor.

Philip R. Sullivan


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