A Peaceful, Easy Feeling
by Philip R. Sullivan

3-D Cover for A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

    "Severe wounds to the mind are 
     like those to the body; even 
     when they have healed, scars
     are left behind."


A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

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Snippet from Book

Didn't accomplish much the rest of the day and went to bed early. I curled up on my side and pretended I was floating effortlessly through an ethereal fluid. That probably accounted for my drifting off to sleep so easily, though the altered awareness of my fast-coming dreams was anything but peaceful. Yet I could remember nothing about them, though I woke for moments on two or three occasions. At least, I experienced that kind of semi-waking where our inner and outer dreams blend indistinguishably. Like: was the sound, the sound of a gentle draft, coming from the funnel of my dreams or from the world outside? I coughed and, for all I know, my hopes all up in smoke became entwined with flaming fantasies within my nightly trance. I coughed again, and then again, violent eruptions that shook me so convulsively I woke—woke to a fast-growing crackle, to a hot draft of rising wind, to lightning flickers of brightness, illuminating the onslaught of smoke that began to surge within my room.

I tumbled off the bed, wisely though unthinking, felt the hotness and saw flames shoot through the ladder-way from below. I took a clear breath inches from the floor and held it while stumbling up to throw the window open. Then I leaned outside its casing to breathe the free night air, but smoke followed me, billowing through the chimney flue I'd just created.

Clutching the ledge, I hung a moment, then dropped the ten feet down....

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About This Great Book

His childhood scarred by a traumatic event, Patrick Sayer moved to rural Maine as a young man in search of a simple life close to nature. As he puts it in his story: "The guy I call me lives in central Maine, in the sticks. Or since the nearest town, Milligansett, qualifies pretty well as the sticks, you could say I live outside the sticks."

But now, more than twenty years down the line, he finds himself embroiled in a hateful battle in a one-industry town. Workers at the paper mill have gone on strike, and as money runs low, tempers run high. Patrick finds himself caught unwittingly in a deadly struggle between labor and management, and he becomes terrified when his own life is recurrently threatened by he knows not whom nor why.

In his extreme anxiety, he seeks solace from his girlfriend, Julie, and help from the worldly labor leader, Murph. In desperation, he even seeks succorance from the unworldly Father Tim, an elderly mystic who lives with his sheep and his dog Shep at the old Carthusian monastery outside of town. Can Patrick find the strength to conquer his fears and overcome his adversaries—both within and without?


From A Review

Sullivan's characters provide vehicles to explore the deep questions: who am I, why am I here? In this way, Sullivan is like the philosopher with action figures, imagining and exploring metaphysics through the characters in the story. While I delightfully escape into Sullivan's stories and characters, I realize the character I explore the most is actually myself.


From The Author

Having been exposed to some rather ineffable experiences in my life, I took an early interest in mysticism. And since mystics have a reputation for wisdom, it's not surprising that a frightened Patrick Sayer sought help from Father Tim.

Nevertheless, the elderly mystic's way of responding to Patrick may surprise readers.

Philip R. Sullivan


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