The Third Temple

Book 2 of the AntiChristo Trilogy

by Stephen J. Schrader

3-D Cover for The Third Temple

    "Saving the human race from
     the wrath of a merciless and 
     vengeful God with the most
     Antihero of all, the Antichrist!"


The Third Temple

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Snippet from Book

Bob shook his head as they watched the image recording the spread of the ash-cloud as it streaked like a flaming, black blizzard from Hell across the Great Plains.

"Hail and fire mixed with blood. One third of the earth burned up and one third of all the trees and grass burned with it."

Bob glanced over to where Tami was staring at the screen in fascination. "Is that a quote? What's it from?"

Reaching up to adjust the screen controls, trying to clear up some of the static streaking the image, Jordan grumped, "It's from the Book of Revelation, of course. Maybe not an exact quote, but close enough."

Bob gulped. "Yeah, I got that."

Tami shook her head. "Yeah. The world hasn't seen anything close to this since the eruption of Krakatoa in the early 1800s. And that was small potatoes compared to this."

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About This Great Book

Is evil done in the name of good any worse than good done in the name of evil?

A totally new and shocking take on the biblical Book of Revelation, from the perspective of the Antichrist himself.

But it's the lives, motives, and actions of the ones who help him—knowingly or not—that truly make this story leap off the pages.

The Third Temple is Book 2 of the AntiChristo Trilogy.


From A Review

Nobody does an Antihero like Stephen Schrader. But, he may have come up with the most Antihero of them all in the Antichrist. The Third Temple takes up the story of the biblical Apocalypse from where The First Seal ended with a version of the Rapture that no Bible-thumper ever imagined, and delivers the biblical Book of Revelation with true imagination and power, from the perspective of the protagonist, the Antichrist himself.


From The Author

When I started researching the Bible in specific and the world's religions in general for this work, I turned to every subject matter expert I could find. And, it didn't matter what field they were in: biblical scholar, physicist, anthropologist, archaeologist, even fringe science and conspiracy theorists. The response from ALL of them was exactly the same—absolute terror. Whether it was because they couldn't refute the facts I presented, or the conclusions I had reached from the same, or the simple fact of what these findings would do to our perceptions and comprehension of what it meant to be human itself didn't matter. You can't get any feedback from somebody figuratively running out of the room screaming.

That's when I decided that I might have the makings of a truly original and gripping story.

Anyhow, now it's up to you the reader to decide. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had in writing it.

Stephen J. Schrader


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