Book Three of the Argosy Trilogy

by Stephen J. Schrader

3-D Cover for Tartarus

    "Captain Brinn and the
     Argonauts invite you to  
     join them on a voyage to hell
     aboard the fabulous Argo."



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Snippet from Book

With a sigh, Captain Brinn's voice rang out as he began. "War! Today, weíre going to war! The target is a facility in a nation that has proven time again, that they are determined to force their own stated goals on all others. If they arenít stopped, they will enslave the world under their own perverted religious diktats!"

He paused to take a breath; nobody else seemed to be breathing. "The target is their primary nuclear research facility. It is from here that they will spawn the nuclear hellfire they are intending to use to force the world to bow to their demands!

"This we must not allow! This we will not allow!

"I will level the facility. You will seize it. Capture the materials we need for the greater conflict. Level everything in sight."

He now bowed his head before going on. "This next is the hardest order I have ever had to give."

Everybody in the hall could see the tear streaming down his cheek as he said, "Nobody more than I knows the value of a brain trust. Destroy the enemyís facility, and they have another. Take their nuclear materials from them, and they will buy or steal more. But, eliminate the scientistsótheir brain trustóand they may never recover."

He swallowed hard before going on. "You must kill everyone. Let none of the scientists escape. Civilian or military, all must die."

His shoulders slumped. His voice was low, forcing everyone to strain to hear. "When your enemy is determined to die for their cause, you must give them their dearest wish."

Raising his head and squaring his shoulders, he roared, "Lest darkness fall, this must be done!"

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About This Great Book

In Tartarus, all the threads that weave through the Argosy Trilogy come together in a complex, tightly woven skein.

Captain Jacob Brinn, the genius who has challenged the whole world, departs on the voyage for which he'd originally designed the incredible Argo. This is both to decoy the enemy forces into pursuing him, as well as to rediscover humanity's past, and its fate.

Meanwhile, the crack team of Argonauts he left behind begin setting up a worldwide network of covert installations. Once completed, these will allow the Captain to hold the entire world hostage. But that is one thing the forces of order in the world will not allow.

An uncomprehending world watches in shock as the brutal final battle to the death begins.

And so, from the Earth to the surface of the Moon, the future of the human race is spelled out in hellfire itself.

Tartarus is Book Three in Schrader's far-out Argosy Trilogy.


From A Review

Trilogies in general are hard to write, because the books must have consistency as well as diversity. In his novel Tartarus, book three of the Argosy Trilogy, author Stephen J. Schrader managed to do just that. Original and thought provoking, this last novel finally reveals Captain Brinn's master plan to allow mankind the next evolutionary leap.


From The Author

Tartarus is the culmination of almost four decades of research.

The clues that lead to the revelations in this book are real. The science that backs the miracles of technology in this book are real. The action in this book is based on a lifetime of adventure.

I have written and will write other books, but Tartarus is probably my definitive work—the one piece against which all others will have to be measured.

Stephen J. Schrader


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