Paradigm Lost

Book One of the Argosy Trilogy

by Stephen J. Schrader

3-D Cover for Paradigm Lost

    "The future of the human
     race is Utopia, and one
     man is determined to 
     deliver it."


Paradigm Lost

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Snippet from Book

Cutter and Calendar looked forward and gasped.

Across the interstate a solid wall of Highway Patrol, police, FBI, and military vehicles completely blocked the highway. Already traffic was backed up for over a quarter-mile, blocking all lanes.

Captain Brinn chuckled. "Now you get to see a bit of what this vehicle can really do." He tripped the familiar control again. The two reporters felt the surge of weightlessness as the Captain turned the wheel hard to the left.

Outside, illuminated by the police helicopter spotlights, the Hummer appeared to do a "Dukes of Hazard" jump from the I-5.

As soon as the Hummer had cleared the intervening cars, and while it was still in mid-air, the barricade lit up as every weapon, including tracers from the heavy fifty-caliber machine-guns of the military vehicles, opened fire.

The police helicopters pulled up and out of the danger area. The news' helicopters temporarily abandoned the chase.

Inside the Hummer, Captain Brinn calmly cocked an eyebrow at the thumping the vehicle was receiving from the heavy fire. "I do say! They have taken up the gauntlet. Though they seem to be most cavalier about the threat to civilians."

In the back seat of the Hummer, against all hazard, Cutter was plastered to the window on his side, staring wide-eyed at the scene below. With a wide grin he gave an inarticulate yell. Then, he turned to Captain Brinn and said, "Please, oh please! Tell me these are stock options! I have got'ta get me one of these!"

Meanwhile Catharine was curled up in her seat, eyes closed tightly. She was clutching the seatbelt. Sweating hard, she tried to distract her terror, muttering, "This is anti-gravity! Tell me you've got anti-gravity!"

Captain Brinn calmly "flew" the vehicle across the angle to land lightly on the I-405 westbound lane.

Again, maneuvering among the slower vehicles, Captain Brinn turned to give the reporters a quick grin. "Yes, my dear Ms. Calendar, it is anti-gravity. And, no, Mr. Cutter, these are not stock options."

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About This Great Book

An American space shuttle, damaged and adrift, is within minutes of being destroyed and the crew killed. Suddenly, they are approached by a mysterious, glass-nosed submarine; seaweed, barnacles and all. The submarine is the Argo, commanded by Captain Jacob Brinn. And, he is offering to save the lives of the shuttle’s crew.

Two L.A.Times' reporters investigating the miraculous rescue are lured into the mad scheme of Captain Brinn. Boarding his fabulous research vessel, the Argo, they're introduced to the his elite hand-picked crew of Argonauts. There Brinn reveals his secrets of anti-gravity, artificial gravity, plasma weapons, and perpetual motion. The wonders that are promised the world are beyond imagination.

The only problem is these same promises will cause a socio-economic and political upheaval of apocalyptic scale. Billions may die. The nations of the world unite against the threat of Captain Brinn and his Argonauts.

And so, the battle lines are drawn. From the bottom of the ocean to the surface of the moon, the world will learn that there is no stopping the Captain, and no stopping the Argo.

Paradigm Lost is Book One in Schrader's far-out Argosy Trilogy.


From A Review

Science fiction, like no other genre allows the author a free reign of his imagination. Stephen J. Schrader demonstrates it well in his science fiction trilogy. The first book of the trilogy, Paradigm Lost, presents an interesting take on a theme, which puts a singular human genius against the world establishment. In a way, Paradigm Lost could be compared to Jules Verne's 20,000 leagues Under the Sea. Like the legendary Captain Nemo, commander of the Nautilus, Stephen J. Schrader's enigmatic and fearless Captain Jacob Brinn and his crew of dedicated Argonauts dares to challenge the world powers in his quest for a better tomorrow for all mankind. And the challenge means war that Captain Brinn intends to win.


From The Author

I was a spy. Actually, my title was Counterintelligence Agent in the U.S. Army. When I left the service, I had to promise that I would not reveal any classified information that I'd had access to. Nobody every said I couldn't make use of my well-honed talents and hard-learned skills.

Since my job had been Human Intelligence (HUMINT), I was free to put all my efforts into researching high-technology research and development.

The material in Paradigm Lost is the culmination of ten years of such work. The story itself is the one I've wanted to write my entire life.

Stephen J. Schrader


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