Book Two of the Argosy Trilogy

by Stephen J. Schrader

3-D Cover for Ajax

    "Captain Brinn is back and
     the Argonauts are kicking 
     butt! But, Ajax has some 
     butt kicking to do too."



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Snippet from Book

Jamie was looking about in panic. "Hey! I didn't do anything wrong! It was just a game!"

Raphael reached down and yanked Jamie upright with a single hand. Shaking him like a terrier with a rat, he roared, "A game? A game? What kind of stinking little shit are you? You've killed over two hundred men, destroyed over a dozen armored vehicles, and wiped out six attack helicopters! What's with this game shit?"

From where he was sprawled on the grass, Jamie's best friend Kyle chirped up, and narked on his friend. "Seven. He got another just before you came in."

Raphael looked at Jamie in shock. "You were keeping score?"

Jamie screamed at Kyle, "Shut up!" To Raphael he stuttered, "W-What the hell are you talking about? It was just a game!"

Pulling off her gasmask, Catharine came flying out of the house and ran over to Raphael. She whispered hoarsely, "He's telling the truth!" She shoved a vividly-colored box in front of his face. "He thought it was just a game."

Dropping Jamie unceremoniously, Raphael took the box and looked at it closely. It was the box for a computer game. The vividly colored picture on the front was that of a familiar-looking combat robot, battling US Army troops, with a shattered nuclear facility in the background. Across the top of the picture was scrawled the title: "A.J.A.X. Armored Jaeger Assault-eXperimental." A bright sticker in one corner labeled it "Scenario 2.5a Beta."

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About This Great Book

Michael Sykes, an identity thief, has accidentally stolen the wrong identity; that of a man whom the whole world wants dead—Captain Jacob Brinn, master of the research vessel, Argo, and leader of his incredible team of Argonauts.

When Sykes is rescued from a terrorist group by Autumn Brooke, Captain Brinn's commander of security forces, he finds there's a price. Against his will, he's been drafted into the Argonauts. The Captain has plans for him...

Thus begins the second phase of Brinn's crusade to bring the wonders of the future to the world of today.

But the best laid plans of even the Captain can go astray. This time it's in the form of "AJAX." And Ajax's genius has sold out to the highest bidder among America's enemies.

The brutal game of cat-and-mouse, spy and counterspy, deception and misdirection culminates in an incredible battle of technologies for the promise of America's golden heart itself.

Ajax is Book Two in Schrader's far-out Argosy Trilogy.


From A Review

Fascinating technology and high adventure dominate in this second book, Ajax, of the Argosy Trilogy by Stephen J. Schrader. While the start of the first novel was impressive but milder, the second novel's beginning is reminiscent of the much beloved James Bond films.


From The Author

Our world is changing. We can all feel it, see it in every newspaper front page. Like a bomb ticking beneath our feet, we don't know when the explosion will come.

There are people out there who can, and will make that change take place. Some are in the government, some are independent, and there are some for whom enough is enough.

In Paradigm Lost I introduced you to Captain Jacob Brinn, who wants to bring the wonders of tomorrow to humanity today. And, I introduced you to those who will do anything and everything to stop him. People for whom the cataclysmic results of such a revelation will cost everything.

Now, I bring you Ajax. AJAX is the living embodiment of the threat that denying the wonders of the future to the people of the earth represents.

For the only force on earth that has any chance of stopping AJAX's bloody crusade to decapitate the American government, is the man who has been declared the greatest threat to that government, Captain Jacob Brinn.

Stephen J. Schrader


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