Inside the Kill Box

A Novel

by Michael W.

3-D Cover for Inside the Kill Box

    "A former POW is drawn into
     a deadly game with a shadowy 
     international conspiracy."


Inside the Kill Box

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Snippet from Book

He quickened his pace as voices sounded from the road. More soldiers, he thought, searching for anyone trying to ford the river. He was nearing the waterway, the reeds thick, and matted together like a closely woven hedge. He pushed through one last thicket, expecting to see the waterway. Instead he came face to face with a startled enemy soldier.

Sweet reacted without conscious thought. He moved in, his bayonet whispering free of its sheath. He clamped his hand over the man's mouth, and plunged the blade into his sternum, once, twice, three times. The Iraqi struggled, thrashing fingers prying at Sweet's arms, his face, clawing desperately. Seconds passed, and Sweet felt his struggles lessen. He pulled the knife free and lowered the body to the ground. There was no time for anything fancy, he thought. Sweet dragged the body to the river, and rolled it into the dark, murky water.

More voices came from the left. He eased out of the reeds and continued on his way. A series of gray concrete buildings were now visible in the near distance.

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About This Great Book

DESERT STORM veteran and former POW David Sweet thought his war was over. All he wanted now was to come home and spend time with the woman he loves.

But there are those who have other ideas—desperate men willing to do anything to keep the long-hidden secrets he possesses from seeing the light of day. . . . Even if it means destroying Sweet, and everything he holds dear.

A gripping thriller in the tradition of Robert Ludlum and Steven Hunter, Inside the Kill Box is an exciting foray into a clandestine world of deadly danger and high suspense.


From A Review

Nor are well-rounded characters typically characteristic of military procedurals. Sergeant Sweet is an individual, several cuts above a Rambo-like automaton, and several other characters were fairly interesting as well. The writing style and editing were impeccable. All in all, this is an enjoyable action story that should appeal to a large readership.


From The Author

Inside the Kill Box is my first published work. I am excited to share it with you, as it is the culmination of more than five years of blood, sweat, and yes, sometime tears.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Michael W. Romanowski


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