Task Force Dragon

A Novel

by Michael W.

Cover for Task Force Dragon
    "What had been simply impossible
     is now a virtual suicide mission,
     unless Vogel can discover who
     the real enemy is before it is 
     too late."


Task Force Dragon

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Snippet from Book

"Now!" Vogel yanked the pin free and let the spoon pop. Then he and Blevins were up and hurling the fragmentation grenades through the window and ducking back down. Twin blasts sent broken glass and plaster vomiting forth. Then Vogel was up and motioning for his men to assault through the now-gaping window. He was the fifth man through the window as the GIs fanned out and began to move forward through what was once a pleasantly decorated dining room. Shattered plates, wine glasses, and the remains of what must have once been a gorgeous crystal chandelier crunched beneath his boots as he made his way to the exit.

Two of his men lurched back from the doorway as a submachine gun growled from the foyer beyond. Wood splinters erupted as someone walked a burst across the parquet floor. Blevins motioned the men back, and together the squad sought cover behind the remains of the grand dining table.

"What did you see?" Vogel asked one of the men.

"Two krauts at the top of the stairs. One of them has a Schmeisser."

Vogel paused a moment to think. "Toss a smoke grenade."

Blevins tugged a smoke canister from his kit and pulled the pin. He rolled it across the floor, where it sat in the center of the foyer, hissing and smoking. More German gunfire sounded as the squad eased forward under cover of the thick, acrid smoke.

"Covering fire!" Vogel leaned around the corner of the archway and emptied a magazine up toward what he assumed was the enemy position. Other men joined him as Blevins and two other men sped through the smoke and made for the grand staircase. More automatic fire clamored, and Vogel thought he saw human figures stagger and fall at the top of the smoke-enshrouded balcony.

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About This Great Book

January 1945: World War II has entered its final stages, and the Allied powers jockey for both power and dominance. The various Allies, however, are not always on the best of terms—especially the USSR and the various democracies that must now work together to stop Hitler from his mad plan to seize control of all of Europe.

For US Army Major Phillip Vogel, this tense but secret dance of nations has become all too real. Secret documents detailing a dangerous subterfuge have come into German hands, and it is up to Vogel to acquire them and bring them safely out of Germany in the last days of the Third Reich. Add in a mission to relieve a brutal POW camp and fanatical Nazi defenders, and you have a mission that just may be his last.


From A Review

I enjoyed reading Task Force Dragon by Michael W. Romanowski. The author has put together a strong story filled with all the necessary action, plot changes, and twists to keep the reader fully involved. His plot moves along at a rapid pace, but the added deceit and intrigue keep the reader asking what comes next....Highly recommended.


From The Author

My interest in the Second World War dates back to childhood. I spent many a long hour listening to my Navy veteran father's stories of that era and the many fascinating and historical events of the day. I therefore knew I had to pen a story of that time and the people who lived in it.

With the passing of my dad just this past year, I knew the time had come to tell this story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Michael W. Romanowski


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