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You are invited to review any book listed below. Just send the title that interests you to Use REVIEW for the subject. We will make a complimentary .PDF available to you. And when your review is received, you will be invited to select any other .PDF on our site at no charge. Our way of saying, "Thank you for your support."

Your review helps our customers make good decisions. And it helps our authors; they benefit from feedback of any kind. Click here for Reviewer Guidelines

"Unity" by Steven Eutsler - Allanna Alill eludes the Rawyn assassins and returns to Krinics. Upon her return she must assume the throne as empress. She must win the hearts of the Krinicsian people while adapting to life on Krinics. Yet, Menga and his forces have been watching and waiting for their chance to strike at Allanna. Now she must find a way to cement her role as empress and foil Menga's plans for her of becoming his new Sema. She must rely on her wits and ingenuity to ascend to the role destiny has fated for her. (Krinics Series: Book 3) (Fiction/Fantasy/Epic)

"Steel on Target" by Michael W. Romanowski - Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003: Nearing retirement, Sweet has but one loose thread to tie up. One final mission to survive. As night falls for the last time over Saddam Hussein and his evil regime, American forces pour into Baghdad. One elite unit will seek out someone from Sweet's past—a woman who is as deadly as she is beautiful. Now treachery is found around every corner, and murder is in the air. Who can Sweet trust? And will he discover who his true allies are before a deadly plot is hatched, and untold thousands die? (Fiction/Thrillers/Military)

"Secrets Behind the Collar" by C. P. Holsinger - Detectives Nick Greer and Sonny Madison must find out who is killing priests. Their search takes them from churches to strip clubs, from the Arizona desert to the Great Lakes. Could a little town in Pennsylvania hold the answer? More bodies fall. Jealousy and vengeance abound. Trusts are broken, careers are demolished, and families are torn apart. (Fiction/Mystery)

"Makers of Destiny - Sequel to Die to Live Again" by David Crane - Surviving the Armageddon and the savage Second Civil War, Panther warrior-healer Tanya Gray serves as a presidential advisor. She now has a family of her own and is looking forward to a better tomorrow. But the balance of power is changed when a new ruthless and mysterious force from the past lays claim to New America's remaining resources. And once again, Tanya Gray is forced to fight to extinguish the flames of a new Civil War. (Science Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic)

"In His Right Mind" by Philip R. Sullivan - In His Right Mind tells the story of a man who is thrust into an adventure he never would have chosen, with a result he never could have imagined. The line that separates sanity from insanity and health from illness is sometimes hard to find. (Fiction/Literary)

Reviewer Guidelines

While we don't have a length limit for reviews, short works best. 3-4 paragraphs is plenty. Something about 300 or 400 words, maybe. If you've not written a review before, you may want to check out a few on our site. We have at least one review for most authors. Click to any book page, then click on comments. Or click here for a few examples. The first is not a good review, but it is an enthusiastic endorsement. And this kind of copy sells books.

There's no required format, but the best reviews seem to begin with a strong, positive statement about the book. If fiction, at some point provide a brief overview of the tale, something of the plot, but never give away the ending. Be sure to include something of the writer's skills, and, if fiction, how well story characters are handled. Wrap with an enthusiastic recommendation. Else give your reasons for not being able to do so.

Obviously error-free copy is best. But we will edit as necessary.

Be sure to include contact information. An email address at least. And a URL, if you like. Feel free to include a snappy slogan related to your site or work, if you have one.



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