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Gold Lust - "Quick! Get your gear. We'll cut through the storage fence and position ourselves for an easy shot."

Luke reached into the cab, seeking a silencer for his rifle. Boodan searched for the wire cutter in the tool box of his truck. "Martin will be dead within an hour," he said. Then the Cajun began laughing ...

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By Ed Mitchell

"Gold Raid" Sequel to Gold Lust - California Coast Publishing

Ed's Credits

Gold Lust - Local Recognition

First non-Steinbeck novel accepted into the National Steinbeck Center Resource Library, 1999

Photo of National Steinbeck Center

National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, California

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Ed reads a representative passage from his novel.

National Winner: National Publishers Award for BEST NEW FICTION in the U.S.A. and Canada

Regional Winner: San Francisco Bay Area Independent Publishers award for BEST MYSTERY THRILLER
"A tour de force, combining suspense, romance & mystery."

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Ed Mitchell
Salinas, CA 93907




Eddie Mitchell, retired Army Airborne Infantry Ranger, rocket scientist, and amateur prospector writes in Monterey County, California. He has spent over fourteen years crafting Gold Lust, the first of four contemporary adventures of the Gold Series.

He learned about life's challenges and developed his writing skills as he progressed through the following major life/career events:

- Latch-key child sent to Juvenile Hall and later foster child on welfare living on a dairy farm.

- West Point graduate, Army Airborne Ranger Infantryman serving overseas in Alaska and Korea; graduate from the Defense Department's Program Management school, performed program management within the "Star Wars" program.

- Selected as a RAND Fellow to work one year at the RAND Corporation; served in the U.S. Space Command before and during Desert Shield.

- Aerospace Engineer/Manager conducting launches of National Missile Defense interceptors.

Insights about Ed as he speaks with the Reader:

"The best fiction published in the last decade has been by first time authors. Examples are: Red October by Clancy, Absolute Power by Baldacci, Cold Mountain by Frazer, The Horse Whisperer by Evans, as well as Grisham's first works. These authors applied years of polish to their fresh stories.

Like them I've spent years learning my craft and laboring to gain honest feedback about what was needed for improvement in my novel so I could eliminate those flaws and produce a captivating story for you.

Consequently, I've rewritten Gold Lust, numerous times to provide impressive characters skirmishing across an interwoven plot with surprising twists.

Ed Mitchell
Salinas, California

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