on Maple Street
by Bob McElwain

3-D Cover for Slaughter on Maple Street

        With his arm twisted
     painfully up between his
     shoulder blades, he cried, 
     "Who the hell are you?"
        "Your killer maybe.
     That's yet to be decided."


Slaughter on Maple Street

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Snippet from Book

With his eyes, he searched vainly for cover as his ears strained to pick up the slightest sound. He crouched at the windshield of the car...

He heard Paco’s Beretta bark twice and a man screamed in agony. There wouldn’t be a better distraction. He quickly rose to one knee, propping his elbow on the hood of the car. The man at the rear of the van had glanced toward the source of the screams. As he looked back, bringing the Engram around, Kyle fired hastily at his chest.

Kyle could see he was wearing body armor; his intention had been only to knock him off balance. The man was thrown back into the side of the van, clutching at his chest.

But he had a fix on Kyle now. He was bringing the Engram up as Kyle, sighting carefully this time, squeezed off a round. Teeth shattered. Blood and tissue exploded from the back of the man’s head, painting a broadening stripe of ugly pink as it flowed down the side of the white van.

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About This Great Book

Kyle Rieker returns home in time for a last look at his sister before she is buried. Officially she was murdered along with five other innocent people by a crazy. But Kyle learns she was executed by a professional. When a CIA operative tries to kill him, he knows he is also slated to die, likely for the same reasons his sister did.

The police and private investigators are powerless when confronting the CIA. Yet he must survive, find answers and act accordingly.

He turns to an unusual source for assistance. He collects a team of competent, seasoned professionals with whom he has fought in Special Forces, men who have routinely accomplished combat assignments considered impossible by some.

But there are those among the elite of Los Angeles who have their own plans and the CIA has theirs; a rag-time group of ex-soldiers is not considered a serious threat. Against such opposition, Kyle and every man on the team, knows that this time he may not make it.

* * *

Kyle finds true justice is not always available, given the constraints of the law.


From A Review

Bob McElwain plots a read-on tale speckled with cool dialogue. The story is neat, fast-paced and utterly brutal. Break-ins, hot wiring, traffic shootouts, phosphorous grenades: action plenty.


From The Author

Writing Slaughter on Maple Street was something of a challenge and adventure for me. I was seeking to draw strong relationships between characters, and I think I pulled it off. In doing so, however, the stage needed to be set for what follows. Thus, unlike other tales I've written, there is little fast-paced action initially. But once the characters have been clearly drawn, the pace begins picking up speed rapidly. And it continues to do so to an ending I hope you will enjoy.

Bob McElwain


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Fatal Games (Pageant Press, 1989)
Out of print


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