Take the Shot
by Bob McElwain

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    "Lisa Anders knows her life is
    at great risk, but defeating or 
    avoiding the killer is clearly 

Take the Shot

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Snippet From Tale

Fletcher held Lisa tightly against him with a choke hold about her neck, the barrel of the pistol jammed into her temple.

Lisa fainted. Or was she faking it? Todd couldn't be sure. But Fletcher had to shift his grip to lift her back up; he needed the cover.

Her eyes suddenly wide open, Lisa cried softly, "Shoot."

What the hell does she mean? . . . Fletcher was clearly puzzled.

"Now," Lisa snapped, lunging up, and toward the pistol.

Since Fletcher had been lifting, Lisa did get elevation. But in moving toward the pistol, the man's strength largely defeated her. Still, the muzzle of the pistol had been driven off her temple and forced forward. Was it enough? Oh, God, was it enough?

Todd squeezed through. The Beretta fired.

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About This Great Book

The vicious attacks of a serial rapist-killer have gone largely unnoticed. But the accidental discovery of the body of his latest victim brings wide media attention.

When reporter Lisa Anders sees a man shot to death only a few feet from her, she becomes terrified. The man was killed by accident; she was the intended target because she can identify the killer, the same man who attacked her seven years ago.

With the help of Todd Hallster, an ex-cop, and LAPD's Lt. Parker, Lisa tracks down the killer and he's taken into custody. But the killer proves to be extremely rich and powerful. And in court, it all boils down to Lisa's word against his. In the end, it's up to a jury.

However the jury decides, Lisa knows she remains at risk. For if he goes free, he'll want to tie up loose ends. If convicted, he has ample funds to extract revenge.

Fast paced action at its best, and a wrap with a double twist you'll enjoy.


From A Review

This is a powerful gripping story with non-stop action. The ending is surprising with an intricate plot twist that is completely unexpected. The writer’s style flows beautifully and is so in sync with the action; you are given a heart-pounding ride to the finish. The ultra real settings and characterizations set the stage for a dramatic plot that won’t leave you disappointed. Excellent read.


From The Author

I believe the price a woman may pay as a consequence of being raped is much too high. This is a story of such a woman. She was raped at a young age, yet has managed to build a positive lifestyle, something many young victims are unable to do.

To this murky stew, I've added a serial rapist-killer who now wants her dead so she'd can't testify against him. And an ex-cop who is as determined as she is to stop the man.

I like the results. I hope you also enjoy it.

Bob McElwain


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