by Bob McElwain

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    "After the brutal murder 
     of his family, a man puts 
     himself on the line as both  
     hunter and bait."



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Snippet from Book

Half-baked thoughts collided with one another in his mind as he intently watched the entrance behind him in the rearview mirror. Faint trembles rippled in a continuous tide up from his toes to his neck.

He found he was shaken in an unexpected way. The two men were not as close to his memory of them as he had expected them to be. But as he focused part of his mind on the tableau, there was no question. These two animals had been a part of that night. He had to find a way to isolate each in a private setting in which he could ask his questions in a way that would bring answers. He desperately wanted to make a move. But what? It would be utter foolishness to tackle both together.

Thirty minutes later, one of the two left the bar and started down the block toward him. Wade felt his heart pounding even harder. And adrenalin surged. He concentrated on remaining motionless as the man strode arrogantly past his car. He watched until he turned in to El Café, another hot spot on Wade’s mental list.

The urge to escape the area overpowered him. Mentally he beat on the thought until it faded. It was time. He shouldered his carry-all bag, stepped out of the car, and started toward the door of the Pedro’s Salón. He hesitated momentarily, then determinedly opened the door; he’d never discover a good approach examining the door.

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About This Great Book

Dr. Wade Turklen had a happy and fulfilling life—until the one evening that changes him forever.

On that night, three thugs burst into his home, brutally assaulting and slashing the throats of his wife and two teenage daughters. He, himself, is shot and left for dead.

Awakening grief-stricken in a hospital, he is overwhelmed with feelings of pure hatred. Was his family the victims of a random attack? Or was he the target, and his family killed only to cover that fact? Tossed into an inferno of rage, he is determined to avenge their deaths.

When the police come up with no leads, he decides to investigate on his own. The repercussions that result change the very essence of whom he believes himself to be.


From A Review

Another great read in the Bob McElwain tradition.


In Memoriam

We miss you, Bob.
You were one of a kind.

Bob finished Blowback several weeks before he passed away in July, 2007.

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Fatal Games (Pageant Press, 1989)
Out of print


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