Those Who Betray
by Bob McElwain

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    "One of the most gripping
     tales to come our way in
     a long while.  A winner
     for sure."


Those Who Betray

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Snippet from Book

…the window shattered.

Mark whirled through the entry. He was halfway to the foot of the stairs when the explosion behind him caused him to stagger. The banister where Mark had grabbed for a final lunge to the landing exploded into splinters. Rounds followed him as he dove to the landing, then rolled to his right into the cover of the hallway, crashing into the library table.

He lunged up. Run! You don't go against an Uzi with a pistol, fool. Do it!

But he couldn't. Eva, braced flat against the wall, was watching him with terror-filled eyes from the opposite side of the landing.

Feet pounded up the stairs.

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About This Great Book

Eva has hard questions for Mark about his father's business, manufacturing parts for military aircraft. Mark isn't sure he wants to share. But he has questions of his own. Over dinner, they begin to make connections on a couple of different levels.

But there are those who don't want Eva's questions answered. In fact Eva may need to be eliminated. Mark's fate has already been decided.

Start this read early in the day. If you don't, you'll lose sleep. For you won't want to put it down until reading the last word on the last page.


From A Review

If I gave books star ratings, I'd give Those Who Betray a 'five'. No kidding. I'm more than a little impatient as a reader: my time is short, therefore precious, and I need a book to grab me to keep me reading. Well, Those Who Betray certainly did that!


From The Author

I've a feeling Those Who Betray is my best work to date. I had a lot of fun gathering the background information needed. And I like the way lots of little bits and pieces came together. I hope you enjoy the results.

Bob McElwain


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