by Ken Mason

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"Evil doesn't stand a chance against God's warriors. A must read!"




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Snippet from Book

"Come to Papa." The Major pulled a knife out of his leg pocket and pointed it at Riley.

"NOOOO!" Riley screamed in anger. At the same time he felt the pressure leave him with such force it nearly knocked him down. He watched the Major fly across the room, crashing into the wall. The glass shattered, showering the people inside with shards of razor-sharp fragments. Riley turned and, seeing a uniformed man pointing a gun at him, quickly thought of fire and nodded toward the soldier. The soldier screamed as he was engulfed in flames. The sheer pain of the flames caused his finger to tighten on the trigger, causing the gun to fire into the air. Not caring about the whines of the ricocheting bullets, Riley turned and ran for the door. Quickly opening it, he ran down the stairs toward his room. It was his sanctuary, where he could hide from all the troubles in the world.

He had just reached the corridor to his room when he felt the pain in his left shoulder. Screaming, he fell to his knees and tried to crawl down the hall. Drowsiness overcame him but he continued to crawl until he could go no further. The corridor became dark as his eyes started to close against his will ...

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About This Great Book

Born with supernatural powers, Riley is snatched by the military soon after his birth. Kept hidden in a secret laboratory deep in the Nevada desert, they seek to control his awesome powers.

Recurring dreams of a faraway castle and terrifying creatures plague him. He begins to feel he belongs in another world. By the age of 10, the voices in his dreams have become stronger. More insistent, demanding. And they are no longer constrained to his dreams. They now trouble him throughout his waking hours.

When he learns his abductors plan to use him as a military weapon, he lets loose his unearthly powers and escapes. He's free to go "home." What he discovers on his journey is beyond even his wildest imagination.

A haunting dark fantasy!


From A Review

Ken Mason has written a remarkable piece of dark fantasy. Riley is part of us, yet always separate. His mission and his power are nearly absolute, yet at the end of this story, a very human little boy goes looking for his mother. That's what I enjoyed most about this book. It's easy to endow a character with superhuman abilities. It's not easy to make him likeable. Ken Mason has managed to do both ...


From The Author

I have always been riveted by what lies ahead of us when we pass over to the other side. This book is my attempt at bridging the two worlds. It is a fast and furious tale, and I hope you enjoy the first installment of the Riley series.

Ken Mason

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Graphic Art by Samandi Adams


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