Killed by Death
by Bill MacWithey

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"The abrupt turns and twists in this tale of espionage will keep you on your toes! Just who ARE the good guys?"



Killed by Death

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The captain spoke in a calm voice.

"Attention all hands. This is the captain. The order to abandon ship is canceled. I repeat, the abandon ship order is canceled. Damage control parties, conduct a thorough inspection. Report even minor damage. And men, well done. Thank you." The captain had barely dropped into his seat at the front of the bridge when all hell broke loose. The bastards had planted a second bomb!

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About This Great Book

When CIA assassin, John Taylor, receives an assignment to eliminate a top ranking U.S. Air Force General, he draws the line, aware he will be on the company’s hit list for knowing about but not carrying out an assignment.

In an attempt to warn the target he is in danger, Taylor becomes entangled in an operation much larger than the assassination of the general. A top-secret military device has been stolen. Although Taylor has no idea what it is, he must find the traitors behind an elaborate plot to not only sell the device to the highest bidder, but to kill the president, who gave Taylor’s boss the orders to assassinate suspected terrorists at will.

He eventually learns the general and his daughter, with whom Taylor has an affair and has come to love, are not at all what they seem. Now, Taylor himself, becomes the hunted and, without knowing whom to trust, he’s on his own to figure out who’s behind the sabotage bombing of an American aircraft carrier, the killing of Army Rangers in Central America, the damaging of an electronic warfare ship by a stealth missile, the theft of the device and, last but not least, who in the hell is trying to kill him.


From A Review

Military thrillers are unique, for those who write them have deep knowledge about military technologies and their applications. In Killed by Death, Bill MacWithey delivers an adventure that blurs the lines between the CIA and the military intelligence. The main protagonist, CIA operative and assassin John Taylor is a shadow warrior with a personal code of honor. Forced to eliminate a high-ranking member of the U.S. military, he draws the line in the sand . . . and is sentenced to death by his own agency and the ruthless conspiracy at the highest levels of government.


From The Author

A sequel, with John Taylor returning to his role as a CIA agent, Death is Deadly, is currently in the works.

Bill MacWithey


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