Dishonorable Death
by Bill MacWithey

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"Greed and corruption buried deep within the U.S. Government leads to a twisted web of murder, mayhem, and treachery."



Dishonorable Death

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Snippet from Book

Gen. Stewart looked at him in astonishment and shook his head. "Okay, how the hell could five cruise missiles be stolen? That just couldn't happen! There has to be a screw up in paperwork."

"No, they're definitely missing. That's what I need you for. I think we've found some of them. I need one of your teams to check it out and destroy the missiles if they can."

"Where the hell are they?"

"You have any people close to Elazig, Turkey?"

"Yeah, but how the hell could they be there?"

"Look, Ed, it's an ongoing investigation. Suffice it to say, there're a lot of people involved, including some of our own."

"Like who?"

"CIA, DIA, name it. Not to mention a bunch of civilians ..."

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About This Great Book

A small elite team of U. S. Army Rangers had racked up an amazing record of success in searching for American prisoners and MIAs in Southeast Asia. Despite the growing number of missions, they had never lost a man.

Without even a hint of anything astray, they are ambushed. And the commanding officer is killed. The team brings his body home and participates in his burial at Arlington. Each man privately wondering what the future holds.

Leaving the cemetery, in the very heart of Washington, D.C., the team is attacked with heavy automatic fire. Only by the slimmest margin, do they escape. And wonderings about the future have vanished. To survive, they must quickly answer key questions such as, "Who?" and "Why?"

The trail leads them to an army missile storage depot where a number of cruise missiles are missing. More than 70 employees of an electronics firm who recently made modifications on the missiles have disappeared. Much to their surprise, they learn the CIA owns the electronics firm!

They soon become involved in much more than they ever imagined: crooked deals being made with Mexican officials and a plot to use the missing cruise missiles against an array of targets. But who is behind all of this, and why do the unknown assailants want them dead? What could they possibly know?

Time is running out. Everywhere they turn, someone is trying to take them out. They need answers NOW!


From A Review

"PAGE-TURNER" ULTRA! Even with a thesaurus to the left of me and a dictionary to the right, I could find no more precise adjectives to describe this novel than this oft-used cliché ...


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