Leaving Juneau County
by Dan Linssen

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     "A heartfelt saga of the transition
     to life after high school."


Leaving Juneau County

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Snippet from Book

His speedometer showed seventy. Jack arrived about seven minutes later. He skidded to a stop in front of the house . . .

"Well, well. If it isn't Jack Barton. Fancy meeting you here."

. . . Clete pulled out a switchblade and snapped it open. The blade glinted under the streetlight. The sidewalk shimmered with a light coating of ice. A rush of adrenaline caused Jack's heart to pound. He backed up a few feet to his car, reached in, and pulled out the axe handle.

"If you're gonna defend yourself with that little stick, you better be damned good with it . . ."

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About This Great Book

Small-town life in 1958 was just about perfect for Mauston High School senior Jack Barton and his three inseparable friends. Problem was . . . the carefree days of youth were growing short. Adulthood loomed just past graduation day. So they did what any teenager would do—try to cram as much fun as possible into their final months together.

Unfortunately, hormones, natural calamity, bad characters, governmental intrusion, and the need to choose a career path complicated matters. Would their bonds of friendship survive the turmoil? Find out in this wonderfully written coming-of-age classic.

"It may be difficult to see at age 17, but yes, Virginia, there is life after high school."


From A Review

Linssen's familiarity with rural Wisconsin, combined with the extensive research conducted for this novel, produce an authenticity of detail that ranks with the best of today's writers. Readers are treated to a realistic immersion into the world of late 1950s Juneau County. Numerous historical events of local, regional, and national scale are threaded into the fictional fabric of the story.


From The Author

There are no dragons, zombies, or transformers in this book. I've long believed that the most compelling stories focus on human spirit. And you'll find plenty of human spirit in Leaving Juneau County.

Dan Linssen


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