Who's to Blame?

Living Along Society's "Fault" Line

by Dan Linssen

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    "Who's to Blame? is must reading
     for anyone who's ever been 
     caught up in the blame game—
     and who hasn't?"


Who's to Blame?
Living Along Society's "Fault" Line

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Snippet from Book

On blame and personal responsibility…

Each year an organization called The Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch holds a contest and awards recognition for the wackiest warning labels that have resulted from lawsuits.... When a five-inch fishing lure with three large steel hooks requires a label that reads, "Harmful if swallowed," or when a washing machine at a laundromat requires a label that reads, "Do not put any person in this washer," or when a baby stroller requires a label that reads, "Remove child before folding," then we have evidence that our tort system coddles those who wish to abdicate personal responsibility in favor of blame.

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About This Great Book

We've all played the blame game - (1) something goes wrong, (2) a scapegoat is found, (3) we raise the "mission accomplished" banner. But it's all a costly charade. Individuals, organizations, even entire societies are destroyed by blame, and the underlying problem is never solved. Why do we do this?

Who's to Blame? is an intriguing journey to unmask and overcome our addiction to blame. Linssen takes us back into blame's origins, delves into its psychology, and highlights situational variables affecting our tendency to blame. He demonstrates how in a systemic world, blame makes no sense. Then, for those who want to reduce the catastrophic impact of blame, Linssen maps out a pathway to more effective methods for dealing with bad events. He even provides a rescue plan for you when you're the one caught in blame's crosshairs.

We all live along society's "fault line." So, if you want to survive the blame earthquake, you'd better read this book.


From A Review

Who's to Blame? is must reading for anyone who's ever been caught up in the blame game—and who hasn't? An easy read, this book explains our addiction to blame, illustrates the consequences, and offers guidelines for rising out of the blame rut. Many great examples demonstrate the key points. While targeted at leaders, many of the points apply equally to family or interpersonal situations.


From The Author

You've done it, and I've done it. But blame is not the answer.

Who's to Blame? will help you kick the habit and make the world a better place in which to live and work.

Join me in that effort, won't you?

Dan Linssen


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