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Blame. Like an earthquake it strikes without warning, shakes our foundations, and leaves a wake of destruction. Cultural and psychological roots of blame run deep. But in a systemic world the blame game is irrational. How can you reduce its impact in your organization? How do you defend yourself if you're to blame? Filled with compelling examples from the workplace, home, and society at large.

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Dan Linssen grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. At an early age he learned about the interconnected and systemic nature of things. From the simple changing of seasons, to catastrophic events like fires and family deaths, he began to understand that events were complex, both in their causes and their long term impacts. Dan attended a college in which all degree programs incorporated a systemic/environmental theme. Thus, even a traditional business degree was adapted to become a "managerial systems" focus.

Early in his business career Dan was surprised by the amount of blame and scapegoating in the corporate environment. The pressure for quick results and the lack of interest in understanding root causes of problems made blame the overriding answer to things gone wrong. Later, while serving in executive level roles Dan discovered there is also a high expectation for leaders to be visibly angered by problems and to "kick butt" to resolve those problems. Remaining calm and analyzing the varied causes is not what leaders are supposed to do. Thus, the commitment to write this book was born.

Dan's hobbies exceed his time available and include: guitarist for a classic rock band, private pilot, autosports competitor, photography, target shooting, history, travel, and others. Professional extracurriculars have included teaching college business courses at universities in the U.S. and France, conducting seminars and conference speaking engagements, serving on the boards of several non-profit organizations, business consulting, writing a weekly newspaper opinion column, and managing the accounting, tax, and legal aspects of his wife's retail business. Boredom has not been a problem.

Green Bay, Wisconsin


Dan playing guitar

Dan playing classic rock. Fun!


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