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Leaving Juneau County - Leaving Juneau County is a fictional coming-of-age story set in the small western Wisconsin town of Mauston during the 1958-59 school year. It chronicles Jack Barton and his three inseparable, longtime friends as they navigate their final year in high school. Their confrontation with the impending transition to adulthood is complicated by romantic connections, natural calamities, unsavory characters, and even governmental intrusion. The story is supplemented with a rich cast of supporting characters.

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Who's to Blame? Living Along Society's "Fault" Line - Blame. Like an earthquake it strikes without warning, shakes our foundations, and leaves a wake of destruction. Cultural and psychological roots of blame run deep. But in a systemic world the blame game is irrational. How can you reduce its impact in your organization? How do you defend yourself if you're to blame? Filled with compelling examples from the workplace, home, and society at large.

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Some folks have the dedication and persistence to remain committed to one endeavor their entire life. For better or worse, I'm not that person. From young on I've always been in search of the new and interesting. Growing up on a small dairy farm infected me with an appetite for adventure—exploring everything and anything Nature had to offer. It also imbued me with a disdain for bureaucracy, and for those in authority who thrive in that setting.

Consequently, after a business degree deposited me into an entry-level management career I always felt like a fish out of water—challenging the notion that bosses knew more than the employees, that decisions should be made at the top, and especially that someone needs to be blamed when things go wrong. I transitioned from one company to another in search of enlightened leadership. Armed with an MBA from a prominent business school, mid-career found me in a management consulting role, where I was actually paid to challenge the status quo and infuse egalitarian thinking into client corporations. That eventually led to my hiring by a very progressive, privately held company as chief operating officer where I finished out my management career. But after retiring, I accepted a full-time lecturer position at a state university. After two years of academic bureaucracy, I left and took on the executive director role at a professional regional symphony orchestra where elitism and union bureaucracy constricted artistic viability. Today I'm cured, having sworn off any addiction to large organizations and reinvented myself to pursue the relatively self-directed realm of writing.

I first tackled the "blame game" in a nonfiction work, Who's to Blame? Living Along Society's "Fault" Line. But with that off my chest, I moved on to fiction, and poured myself into Leaving Juneau County. In addition to being a great story, there's much to digest about the essence of human nature.

My hobby life has been equally diverse, having played in a rock and roll band, competed in auto racing, flown private aircraft, traveled the world, skied down snow-capped mountains, placed in competitive pistol and rifle events, and served on several community boards.

I enjoy communicating with my readers and welcome you to follow me on Facebook.com/DanLinssen or at my website: DanLinssen.com.

Green Bay, Wisconsin


Dan playing guitar

Dan playing classic rock. Fun!


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