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3-D Cover for A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

"A Peaceful, Easy Feeling" by Philip R. Sullivan - His childhood scarred by trauma, Patrick Sayer moved to rural Maine as a young man in search of a simple life close to nature. But now the paper-mill workers have gone on strike, and as money runs low, tempers run high. Patrick is unwittingly snared in the deadly struggle and becomes terrified when his own life is threatened by he knows not whom nor why. He seeks help from those around him, but finds in the end that he needs to achieve his own salvation." (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for A Small Harvest of Pretty Days

"A Small Harvest of Pretty Days" by Larry Kimport - In 1890s Pennsylvania, lonesome Clara Waltz falls in love with an aging drifter whom she rescues from a world far stranger than her own. (Fiction/Literary/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Afghan Tiger

"Afghan Tiger The" by Nick Taddeo - Tyler may have had it tough during his two tours in Afghanistan, but none of that prepares him for returning to civilian life where he faces deception, fraud, and thievery. He will not come out of the civilian wars unscathed, but when he elects to return to the war zone to make right a terrible wrong, the reader will come away with the sense that the experience has changed Tyler, as well as the reader, for the better. (Fiction/General)

3-D Cover for Anna's Passion

"Anna's Passion" by Nick Taddeo - Annaís Napa Valley winery has been suffering debilitating attacks, not from other competing wineries but from an intensely troubled young man. She must take action soon or she will lose everything: the winery, the land, the vines, and the equipment. Even her identity is being threatened. She must figure a way out. It has to be something dramatic, yet simple, but so effective it will set in his brain forever. (Fiction/General)

3-D Cover for At the Table of Want

"At the Table of Want" by Larry Kimport - Much scarred orphan, Truman Kramer, having joined the Peace Corps, is assigned to a small Malaysian community, serving an assemblage of all-but-forgotten handicapped children. Truman, never having kissed a girl, becomes involved with an unloved, married woman; a shopkeeperís wife craving anything of her own. As his service wanes, mired in earnestness and deceit, his loverís husband discovers his wifeís affair. Torn with remorse, young Truman acts, plumbing the depths of love, and our need to attach ourselves to other human beings. (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for August in the Mind

"August in the Mind" by Nick Taddeo - Tony Antonelli can't explain why he attacked a total stranger without provocation. He suspects genetic memory triggered his action, an ancient hatred inherited. He journeys to Italy, back to his roots, to seek the answer and preserve his sanity. Provides grand insights into Italy today and its remarkable history. (Fiction/General)

3-D Cover The Brimstone Papers

"Brimstone Papers, The" by David Chacko and Alexander Kulcsar - From the furious mantrap called the Battle of Bunker Hill to a raging disaster at sea, The Brimstone Papers tells the first year of the Revolutionary War as no one has ever thought to do. The story, based on the peripatetic life of a real man, is as rooted in its time as it is relevant to ours. (Fiction/Historical)

3-D Cover for Coming Home Again

"Coming Home Again" by Philip R. Sullivan - Coming Home Again is the story of Jud Gerard, an earnest young man who is dying before his time. The chronicle unfolds around the central people in Judís life, all very much alive, and all forced to deal vicariously with the issue of their own mortality as they try to help their friend through his final days. The portrayal is candid, yet socked with humor of the sort thatís inherent in our human efforts to find ultimate meaning in life and love and loss. (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for Elvis Rex

"Elvis Rex" by Larry Kickham - An orphan uprooted by war, Anthony journeys to Kingdom City, the center of a would-be empire based on violence, slavery and a phony post-apocalyptic religion dictated by an ever-changing Now Testament, only to discover he's an Elvis, a clone of the long-dead pop star, the King of Rock and Roll. (Fiction/General)

3-D Cover for Gamba

"Gamba" by Cemil Kavukcu - You wouldn't call him an old man, but he felt like one. Facing retirement, Asim Eray was stumped. How was he going to spend the rest of his life? Where had his youth gone? What had he achieved? Escape—that's what'd he do—by taking a bike trip on the dusty roads of southern Turkey. Maybe down one of those roads, he'd run across something he'd lost along the way; some secret ingredient missing from his life; some bit of knowledge he used to know but had somehow forgotten. Suddenly, a creature from his childhood reappears, not only in his dreams, but when he is wide awake. Gamba! A frightful character from his childhood nightmares is back—luring him into a psychological abyss. (Fiction/Men's Adventure)

3-D Cover for Gone Over

"Gone Over: Israel Potter's War" by David Chacko and Alexander Kulcsar - Gone Over is the story of the American Revolution seen through the reverse lens of British Intelligence—a view never quite seen before. Israel Potter is the best known private soldier of the Revolution, and his story takes the reader through the maelstrom of the war. From a beginning in captivity, Potterís life touches every major figure of this secret war, starting with the underground Friends of America in England and continuing through Benjamin Franklinís mission in Paris until it finally returns to the home front and the defection of Benedict Arnold. (Fiction/Historical)

3-D Cover for In His Right Mind

"In His Right Mind" by Philip R. Sullivan - In His Right Mind tells the story of a man who is thrust into an adventure he never would have chosen, with a result he never could have imagined. The line that separates sanity from insanity and health from illness is sometimes hard to find. (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for Martyr's Creek

"Martyr's Creek" by David Chacko - When your worst enemy makes you the executor of his estate, you don't expect an easy time. What James Pandolph discovers in settling Tom Powys' considerable estate is nothing compared to what is required settling the passions of his life. This includes neo-conservative politics at the highest level and the bodies that have fallen at every step along the way. (Fiction/Literary/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Night Wine

"Night Wine: A Novel" by Nick Taddeo - Night Wine traces the experiences of a determined young winemaker, Amerigo Pugliesi. His struggles over the forces of weather, Prohibition, and prejudice provide the backdrop for this unique novel set in the California wine country. It is a story that's never been told about the enormous influences diverse minorities have contributed to developing the California wine industry into the highly respected position it holds in the world today. (Fiction/Family Saga)

3-D Cover for Outcasts of the Homeland

"Outcasts of the Homeland" by Kemal Ates - Ayten, Mahmut, and Gulseren are young people living in the slums outside Ankara, Turkey and struggling to find their own identities in a place trapped between city ways and village tradition. Outcasts of the Homeland is a poignant tale of migrant villagers forced for various reasons to abandon their agrarian roots and fight tooth and nail to establish a new life in the city. (Fiction/Cultural Heritage)

3-D Cover for The Severan Prophecies

"Severan Prophecies, The" by David Chacko - When the Roman emperor Caracalla was assassinated, his family gave the task of safeguarding their dynasty to the questor Marcellus Decimus, the narrator of this story. How he led a young boy named Varius in a race against death that culminated in the restoration of the dynasty is one of the more remarkable episodes in the chaotic and violent history of Rome. (Fiction/Historical)

3-D Cover for Steel on Target

"Steel on Target" by Michael W. Romanowski - Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003: Nearing retirement, Sweet has but one loose thread to tie up. One final mission to survive. As night falls for the last time over Saddam Hussein and his evil regime, American forces pour into Baghdad. One elite unit will seek out someone from Sweet's past—a woman who is as deadly as she is beautiful. Now treachery is found around every corner, and murder is in the air. Who can Sweet trust? And will he discover who his true allies are before a deadly plot is hatched, and untold thousands die? (Fiction/Thrillers/Military)

3-D Cover for Stephan's Journey

"Stephan's Journey" by Joe McCord - During WWII a young German soldier (Stephan) winds up in Spain. He rescues a young woman (Maria Elena) from an assault. She thinks Stephan is Spanish and her father hires him as her bodyguard. At first they clash but, slowly, they fall in love. On a honeymoon trip they battle bishops, popes, pirates—and each other. Finally, Stephan faces the choice of continuing to lie to Maria Elena, or telling her the truth and risk losing everything. Their entire future rests on his decision.

3-D Cover for Super Bowl Fix?

"Super Bowl Fix?" by Tad Hutton - A Super Bowl isn't so much fun when crazy people are trying to destroy the Superdome. The crazies also attempt to fix the game itself, and, oh yes, to disrupt the halftime show just for the hell of it. The plot gets thicker and funnier as separate and zany conspirators bring out hilarious bureaucrats trying to put a whack-a-mole stop to the shenanigans. (Fiction/Satire)

3-D Cover for Swordpoint

"Swordpoint" by David Crane - Eugene Francois Vidocq was a thief, an adventurer, and a duelist who searched for his place in life with wit, sword, and passionate love affairs. Hunted by the police agents of revolutionary France and later the agents of Napoleon, he is forced to make the most important decision in his life to survive and become a man of respect. To achieve that, he must transform himself into a new man, an outlaw hunting the outlaws in the name of justice. The road to salvation is hard, but for a man like Vidocq, failure is not an option. (Fiction/Historical)

3-D Cover for Task Force Dragon

"Task Force Dragon" by Michael W. Romanowski - Battle of the Bulge survivor Phillip Vogel has been given a dangerous mission: drive 50 miles behind enemy lines to stage a rescue at a brutal Nazi POW camp. The lives of hundreds of American GIs hang in the balance. But there is more to the tale—secrets long buried and treason lie behind every bend in the road. What had been simply impossible is now a virtual suicide mission, unless Vogel can discover who the real enemy is before it is too late. (Fiction/Thrillers/Military)

3-D Cover for Tinnemaha Creek

"Tinnemaha Creek" by Nick Taddeo - Wildlife vs. human rights clash when a cougar approaches two young girls searching for wildflowers near the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas. Cobra Stevens, wildlife biologist, must restore peace out of chaos that erupts between the ranchers who form a hunter's coalition and the animal rights advocates. Time is clearly running out in this deadly battle. And what of the cougar? Will he be the ultimate loser? (Fiction/Contemporary)

3-D Cover for The Wolf Tree

"Wolf Tree, The" by P:hilip R. Sullivan - Why has Michael Manning left his big-city medical practice and retired early to a farm in rural Maine? And has he really—as viewed by Lesley Jordan, an attractive nurse in nearby Winchendon—reneged on his implied agreement to help his fellow man? An unexpected series of adventures arise as Michael tries to settle into his new community, leading to interactions with Lesley that are touching yet comical. Their story addresses a question that arises inevitably during the course of a human life: does this relationship have any future? (Fiction/Literary)



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