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3-D Cover for Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

"Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom" by Paul B. Thornton - Playing hockey in high school, prep school and in college, taught author, Paul B. Thornton, valuable life lessons. In addition, it sparked his interest in management and leadership. He studied and observed what the top coaches did that made them successful. This book describes his journey from player to coach to leader. He illustrates the four steps that all leaders must take to make a difference. (Business/Leadership)

3-D Cover for The Boardroom Paradox

"The Boardroom Paradox: Why Smart Directors Do Dumb Things" by Gregory Boudreaux - Corporate boards usually perform away from public view, but events at Enron and WorldCom and the recent near collapse of the economy have led to an intense scrutiny into their actions. Consumers, owners, regulators, the media and directors themselves are asking why boards have failed so badly. This timely book explains the principles of corporate governance and dissects what the boards did at several well-known companies, including what they should have done instead. (Business & Economics: Corporate Governance, Decision Making, Business Ethics)

3-D Cover for The Effective Board Chair

"The Effective Board Chair" by Gregory Boudreaux - The chair has the least understood job in corporate governance. Thousands of books discuss the duties of directors but few explain the role of the chair, the person responsible for helping the board make good decisions while avoiding petty bickering or mindless groupthink. This handbook gives essential lessons of immediate value to new chairs and experienced practitioners alike.(Business: Role of the Chair)

3-D Cover for Who's to Blame?

"Who's to Blame? Living Along Society's 'Fault' Line" by Dan Linssen - Blame. Like an earthquake it strikes without warning, shakes our foundations, and leaves a wake of destruction. Cultural and psychological roots of blame run deep. But in a systemic world the blame game is irrational. How can you reduce its impact in your organization? How do you defend yourself if you're to blame? Filled with compelling examples from the workplace, home, and society at large.
(Business & Economics/Leadership)



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