Elvis Rex
by Larry Kickham

3-D Cover for Elvis Rex

    "A unforgettable tale set in
     a post-apocalyptic, barren
     North America depopulated by
     a mysterious plague."


Elvis Rex

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Snippet from Book

"What have we here?" cried Lyndon, noticing Anthony for the first time, crouching next to Marion on the other side of her chair. Drink in hand he strode past her, still sitting, and stood there, looming over the boy squatting beside her.

"I must measure his skull," he said, glaring down at him. "And white hair no less. Let me see what you look like." He reached down and lifted the boy's chin, forcing him to show his face. Carefully he examined him as Marion watched horrified. Suddenly she saw what Lyndon saw. The boy is an Elvis. "I'll have to take a DNA sample."

"No, you won't!" she cried, springing up from her chair. Taller than Lyndon, she loomed over him. He let go of Anthony and stepped back. "You're not allowed to take anything from my property without my consent. Those are your laws, not mine."

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About This Great Book

Elvis Rex follows the adventures of young Anthony in the heartland of a barren North America depopulated by a mysterious plague.

After the Army of the Lord destroys his village, Anthony journeys down the river to the capital of the fake millennial kingdom based in Kingdom City, the center of a would-be empire based on organized violence, slavery, and a phony post-apocalyptic religion dictated by an ever-changing Now Testament.

The horrors and the truth he encounters compel him to flee for his life.


From A Review

Larry Kickham's novel, Elvis Rex, is one both chilling and haunting. At the same time, it shows the power of the human spirit; humans struggling to come to grips with their place in the world.


From The Author

The author wishes to remain anonymous.


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