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Gamba - You wouldn't call him an old man, but he felt like one. Facing retirement, Asim Eray was stumped. How was he going to spend the rest of his life? Where had his youth gone? What had he achieved? Escape—that's what'd he do—by taking a bike trip on the dusty roads of southern Turkey. Maybe down one of those roads, he'd run across something he'd lost along the way; some secret ingredient missing from his life; some bit of knowledge he used to know but had somehow forgotten. Suddenly, a creature from his childhood reappeared, not only in his dreams, but when he was wide awake. Gamba! A frightful character from his childhood nightmares was back—luring him into a psychological abyss.

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Cemil Kavukcu was born in Inegol, Turkey in 1951. He graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Geophysical Engineering in 1976, but the real love of his life is writing. He caught attention in 1980, when several of his short stories were published in literary periodicals in Turkey.

He is now well-recognized as one of the best Turkish storytellers of his time. His favorite characters are "the little people," whose lives at a glance seem simple and commonplace. But whose inner struggles reveal the depths of the human spirit.

Renowned Turkish commentator, Fethi Naco, said that whatever trivial tale Cemil Kavukcu takes in hand becomes an intricately woven tale. "He's a master storyteller."

Cemil Kavukcu's published stories include "Sunday Sunshine" (1983), "July Convict" (1990), "To Points in the Distance" (1995), "For Those Who Sleep Alone" (1996), "Lost In A Well-Known Book" (1997), and "Four Walls and Five Windows" (1999). Patika, a collection of short stories, was published in 1987 and awarded the Yasar Nahi Nayir Award for Short Stories. His first novel, The Return, was published in 1998.

Cemil Kavukcu


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