Mugged in Marseilles
by Coby Derek James

A Chet Lake Mystery

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"A victim of identity theft suddenly discovers only the thief can prevent his own death, and that of many other innocents at the hands of terrorists."



Mugged In Marseilles

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Snippet from Book

Zahra jumped up and started screaming. Her back exploded. Hassan hit the ground and crawled under the table. Rayna got under the table with him, shivering. He crawled past her just as the waiter ran out. A bullet crashed into the metal stanchion holding up the awning. The entire structure came down on them. Hassan felt his stomach tighten in fear. He knew he had to get out of town. He was a target for the guy hed mugged, who planned to kill him for his small theft. The guy must have some important information on the little machine to kill for it. Hassan scrambled under the awning and out the other side. He got up and ran across the street. He saw two Arabic-looking girls sitting in an old 1985 Nissan, looking wide-eyed at the mayhem across the street. He got to their car and said, "Ive got a gun. Get out of the car and give me the keys."

The girls got out and ran across the street. He got in and tore off down the street and over the bridge, heading out of town...

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Photo of Downtown Marseilles

Downtown Marseilles

Photo of The Bay of Marseilles

The Bay of Marseilles



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About This Great Book

In France, Chet Lake, using his urban planning vocation as his cover, collects intelligence from CIA field agents regarding operations of North African terrorists associated with al-Qaeda militants.

Lake's mission is suddenly interrupted by the theft of his top secret handheld CIA communicator. The street thief, Hassan Aref, unknowingly at the time, takes on Lake's identity. When the young man stumbles into the hands of an Algerian terrorist organization, Lake's mission, and his very life, are at grave risk.

In a strange twist, Lake and Aref clash again under circumstances similar to their first encounter. Lake quickly discovers the terrorists' objective is to destroy a grand hotel in Kenya, and all those within it.

Lake now realizes he has no choice but to rely on Aref to help avert this disaster. But to do so, they must first stay alive.

Coby Derek James knows how to keep those pages turning!


From A Review

Undercover brother: In the new potboiler, Mugged in Marseilles, by pseudonymous Oaklander Coby Derek James, an African-American CIA courier suffers identity theft, then wrangles with Algerian terrorists plotting to blow up a Kenyan hotel. James is a longtime employee of high-security government agencies, so he knows how it goes.

Anneli Rufus, East Bay Express, Emeryville, CA


From The Author

The hero, Chester (Chet) Lake, is part Native American and part African-American, but a citizen of the world. He is a mature person in his fifties, not a kid. He is no stranger to danger or human nature. He uses his heritage, his background, and his maturity to slip across borders, and into and out of communities around the world, enabling him to perform international intelligence work.

Chet has the perfect background, as a city planner, to move through an urban world in which his training and mixed ethnicity are an advantage.

Coby Derek James

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