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Mugged in Marseilles - Hassan's companion slammed the rocket launcher onto his shoulder. Hassan felt the launcher's lethal positioning as his companion took aim at the sky where, in only a moment, a plane would be within reach of their crude but lethal weapons.

The plane roared down the runway, its nose directly in front of them. Hassan glanced down. A pile of rockets lay between him and the driver, who was positioned as a launching pad for the assault. Hassan shivered as the plane's belly bared itself for their attack in the deafening liftoff...

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Wine, Dine and Death Down Under - Llumina Press

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Coby Derek James
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Coby Derek James is a pseudonym for a real person who looks like, acts like, and does the work of the protagonist portrayed in this novel.

He has more than thirty years of combined diplomatic and international experience with various U.S. agencies. He works on a contract basis and continues this work today.

This is the reason for the assumed name used here, both to continue his work and protect his sources.

The author lives in various places around the world but loves Australia and spends as much time there as possible.

Coby Derek James

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