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Mental Distortions - Tibetan culture and a cold, desolate landscape form a colorful backdrop to this tale of dangerous pursuit, unspeakable atrocities, and a fight for survival against all odds.

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Jean Grandbois
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Since grade school I have loved writing. A career in computer science has paid my bills while I pursue the dream of a full time writing career. Mental Distortions, my first novel, kept me as entertained while writing it as if I had been simply reading it. I hope this captivation rubs off on all of its readers. Perhaps some of you have also experienced a fascination for the exotic land we call Tibet. No other place on earth evokes such feelings of mystery and mysticism.

I have lived in Canada's capital, in rural Ontario villages, in the Californian urban sprawl known as the Inland Empire, and, most recently, the culturally diverse metropolis of Montreal. Everywhere I go, I enjoy watching people, learning how they live and what they dream of. And perhaps, I borrow just a little bit from each of them for characters in my stories ...

In addition to fiction, I have also published technical papers and contributed to academic texts in the field of advanced database systems. I'm sure that my work will find its way into some fiction that I write in the future!

Jean Grandbois
Quebec, Canada

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