The Lure of the Dutchman
by Tom Geldermann

Cover for The Lure of the Dutchman

    "Feel the heat of the hunt  
     in this thrilling tale set     
     in the mysterious Superstition 

The Lure of the Dutchman

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Snippet from Book

Saunders heard a distant reverberation, let his mouth curve into a grim smile and pushed the plunger.

The sound was deafening. The opening of the mine filled with a dense smoke and seemed to be supported by it. The first cloud emerged as a lethargic billow. Then came the roar of crashing timber and splitting rock as the original murky halo was propelled outward like a smoke ring from a medieval dragon. The entire face of the mountain seemed to hang in suspension and then slowly began to sag like a snow-covered telephone line strung between two rotting poles ...

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About This Great Book

Something's happening! Cattle prices are rising. There's been a murder in Tortilla Flat, Arizona and one in Dallas, Texas that are somehow connected.

Kevin Stewart's quest to find out what happened to his uncle takes him deep into an abandoned gold mine in the rugged Superstition Mountains of Arizona and then to a remote area of Idaho.

Sure, as a member of the U. S. Special Forces, he's well trained. And his girl friend, Laurie Beth McCarthy, is more than a match for him. But what they face is overpowering. No mere mortal can withstand what's coming at them. As they come to see more clearly just what they're up against, they realize they are fighting for their very lives. Not long after, they begin wondering if they even have a chance.

This award-winning novel will keep you on the edge of your chair from beginning to end. Don't miss it!


From A Review

This author, Tom Gelderman, juggles the three components of his story with finesse. He skillfully weaves the threads of his tale and one follows with much anticipation. He is a master storyteller. I would recommend this book with no hesitation. I was captivated.


2001 Best Fiction Award

The Lure of the Dutchman

Arizona Book Publishing Association
2001 GLYPH
Best Fiction - Adult


Tom piloting ultralight photo

That's me, the pilot, holding the control bar of the ultralight. The passenger is my instructor. We're over the Arizonan desert at about 3000'. The camera is on the wing, so you can't see that.

Tom Geldermann


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