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The Lure of the Dutchman - Saunders looked down at his sternum in disbelief as blood oozed onto his shirt and dripped from the tip of the pickax. The knife dropped from his hand and his eyes locked onto Kevin's in pure hatred... 

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That's me, the pilot, holding the control bar of the ultralight. The passenger is my instructor. We're over the Arizonan desert at about 3000'. The camera is on the wing, so you can't see that.

Tom Geldermann

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Tom Geldermann
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Thomas A. Geldermann uses the acronym, TAG, because his initials spell a word. He also uses Tag because that was his badge acronym at the Chicago Board of Trade where he was a trader of commodity futures for over forty years.

He graduated from Marquette University's College of Business Administration in 1951. In 2001, he received the Distinguished Alumnus award from that college.

He married Joan McHugh, his college sweetheart, after graduation. They now have eight children and 23 grandchildren.

TAG always enjoyed sports. He played college football for Marquette and semi-pro football for the Waukegan Merchants.

He still is a sports enthusiast, actively participating in golf, tennis, snow skiing, water sports, fishing and physical conditioning.

TAG had an early interest in aviation. He soloed in a Piper Cub on skis when he was 16 years old. In 1971, Tom, Joan, eight kids, two dogs, and a cat moved from the Chicago suburbs to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The commute to the Chicago Loop was arduous, so Tom bought a Lake amphibian and commuted by air to Chicago's lakefront airport, Meigs Field. Over the years, he traded the Lake for more sophisticated aircraft. He received his multi-engine, commercial and instrument ratings and logged over 4200 hours. When he decided to write The Lure Of The Dutchman, he knew that another king of flying would be involved. So, he went back to basics and began instructions in ultra-lights. He soloed in ultra-lights, which are basically powered hang-gliders, and are a prominent part of the story.

When TAG retired in 1995, he received his first writing assignment. He chaired the committee and wrote the copy for a very successful centennial history of the Lake Geneva Country Club, one of the oldest golf clubs in the United States. He took the novel approach of writing the story in the first person and let the club tell its own tale.

This was the beginning of a second career that includes three novels, numerous humorous poems and several articles.

Tom's love of the Southwest is evident in his writing. He and Joan now divide their time between Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tom Geldermann

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