The End's Beginning

Krinics Series: Book 1

by Steven Eutsler

3-D Cover for The End's Beginning

    "Daring heroes, malicious villains,
     and marvelous creatures will
     transport you to the far edge of
     your imagination."


The End's Beginning

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Snippet from Book

Snique leaps from the stump, putting Pe'Anitia and Allanna at his back and whatever is frightening Pe'Anitia in front of him. A greenish outline is visible to Snique at the edge of the campfire, and the light flickers upon it just enough to make out its shape. Snique makes the connection in his mind between the grassy smell he has detected throughout most of the afternoon and the appearance of the creature. He had not equated it with anything other than some previously unknown plant life, until now.

Its eyes reflect the firelight, and from the height of the reflection, Snique sees the form is at least twice his own height. It takes a tentative step forward which exposes more of its body. It is definitely green with vines wrapping around its body in various shades of green and brown. Every inch of the creature's muscular form is coiled and ready to spring. Whether in attack or retreat, Snique is uncertain. But he is certain that it depends on his actions and the actions of those around him. The creature remains unmoving, except for the vines wrapping around its body. Snique cannot believe his eyes and assures his mind the movement must be a trick of the flickering light.

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About This Great Book

Allanna Alill could never in her wildest dreams imagine the unbelievable journey awaiting her after she arrives to spend summer at her grandfather’s home in Minnesota.

Mysteriously transported across the galaxy, Allanna awakens on Krinics, a moon orbiting the planet of Ramac. In this world where life and death dangle on the edge of a sword, she finds allies in Pe’Anitia, Snique, and Dazok as she begins her journey to return home.

Along the way they encounter the enigmatic Akha'Zette, creatures who emerge from their secluded region of Krinics. They are also pursued by the Rawyn, a murderous group who plan to use Allanna in their scheme to gain control of the galaxy.

Their journey takes them to the edge of endurance when they are thrown into battle against the forces of evil—a battle that will determine the fate of all the peoples of Krinics, Earth, and all across the stars.

The End's Beginning is Book 1 of the Krinics Series.


From A Review

Wow! Just, wow! That's exactly what I thought after I finished reading the excellent book by debut author Steven Eutsler, The End's Beginning: Krinics Series, Book One.


From The Author

The End’s Beginning is the perfect mixture of adventure, mystery, humor, alliances, and betrayal. I have created characters that will intrigue and captivate your imagination.

I hope you enjoy reading The End's Beginning as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Steven Eutsler


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