by David Crane

3-D Cover for Swordpoint

    "Eugene Francois Vidocq 
     fights for survival amidst
     the chaos and fury of the
     French Revolution."



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Snippet from Book

Green Eye began to kick the pirates in the ribs and breaking their teeth with his boots. The pirates did not fight back, because of the presence of two deadly blunderbusses aimed at them. When the pirates were sufficiently beaten, Green Eye nodded to his men. "Throw them overboard," he commanded.

One by one the pirates were forced to jump from the ship. Vidocq watched them swim away with surprising speed and then turned a questioning glance at Green Eye. The smuggler captain sheathed his cutlass and folded his hands on his chest.

"You let them go," Vidocq said. "Why?"

"Because I want the sharks to have a good meal today," Green Eye replied coldly.

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About This Great Book

The French Revolution has left its mark on young Eugene Francois Vidocq. A thief, troublemaker, adventurer, and duelist, Vidocq narrowly avoids the dreaded guillotine. Shortly thereafter, he saves three innocent lives but is forced to flee for his life.

A soldier in the Revolutionary Army and later a prisoner of war, he returns to France. Pursued by the police agents of the corrupt Directory, Vidocq uses his formidable fighting and survival skills to outrun and outwit his enemies.

When Napoleon becomes First Consul, Vidocq seizes his chance to gain absolution from his sins by becoming an outlaw hunting the outlaws, a police agent, and a master spy.


From A Review

The writing is awesome and the characters are well-developed. One feels as though they were reliving a part of French history, thanks to the authorís gift for setting. Swordpoint is a roller coaster ride packed with more surprises than readers might expect to find in an ordinary book.


From The Author

Swordpoint is my first historical fiction novel. Working on this project was both a challenge and a pleasure. For anyone interested in the past, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era will present a fascinating tapestry of political and cultural events that shaped our modern society. The main character of the story is an ordinary man with an extraordinary talent for survival. Prepare yourself for an adventure involving war, love, sword fights and political intrigue.

I hope you enjoy the book.

David Crane


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