The Whispering Fields
by Joseph Collins

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    "A truly moving animal fantasy
     tale of adventure, mythology, 
     and the power of friendship."


The Whispering Fields

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Snippet from Book

A moment later Toby sat down again, this time on the soft, grassy edge of the wood, next to some dandelions and wild clover, waiting for his master's return. He felt sure that he would. He had to.

Time passed. A few more cars and pick-up trucks rolled by, taking little notice of the young dog waiting at the forest's edge. When the last vehicle that would come along for some time vanished down the road, Toby was surrounded by the kind of silence that can only be found in the country in the early morning hours, the kind that seems as if the whole world had suddenly froze over and was waiting patiently to thaw itself out again.

It is said that emotions are energy that can open up doorways to new places in the soul. Perhaps this is what happened to Toby when it finally dawned on him that, no, his master was not coming back, but had, indeed, abandoned him, and that for the first time in his life he was truly alone and on his own - and when that realization settled firmly in his mind and deep in his heart, he sat up and barked and whined in fear and anguish. Then, raising his head, his symphony of cries rolled out into one long, plaintive howl.

His wail sent two jittery robins, resting in a nearby tree, darting for safety in the higher branches above. A snowy, mustard-white butterfly fluttered quietly through the air from across the road and wandered its way into the forest. Otherwise, but for some falling leaves, all was still.

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About This Great Book

In the wilds of Upstate New York, a young dog is abandoned on a lonely country road—an act that propels him into an epic journey of adventure and self-discovery. After meeting four other strays, the newly-formed canine fellowship sets off on a quest to find the Whispering Fields, a legendary, hidden sanctuary for all homeless and unwanted dogs.

But is their spirit up to the challenges of the wilderness? Or the evil plans of a wicked coyote? Does the haven really even exist? And who will survive the Hollow Hound, a ghostly canine whose chilling appearances forebode of tragic things to come?


From A Review

The Whispering Fields is one of the (if not the) best books I have ever read! Joseph Collins is a truly gifted and talented storyteller. The Whispering Fields is a touching and moving story that will leave permanent paw-prints imprinted upon your heart. If you love dogs, you will not want to pass up The Whispering Fields; the five dogs in this story stay with you long after you've turned the very last page.


From The Author

I've always loved animals, and really enjoyed writing a novel that mixed that passion with other interests: fantasy, adventure, ghost stories and mythology.

I hope those who read it enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Joseph Collins


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