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The Whispering Fields - In the wilds of Upstate New York, a young dog is abandoned on a lonely country road—an act that propels him into an epic journey of adventure and self-discovery. After meeting four other strays, the newly-formed canine fellowship sets off on a quest to find the Whispering Fields, a legendary, hidden sanctuary for all homeless dogs.

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From an early age on, Joseph Collins had two main passions in life. One was animals; the other was the arts, especially storytelling. In his childhood he spent much time doodling (often animals) and scribbling "little picture stories."

Becoming serious about writing later in life, he started with short stories and poetry, and, after taking several creative writing courses at NYU and School of Visual Arts, he moved on to bigger challenges, including several screenplays. The Whispering Fields is his first novel.

Although his formal education ended after high school, as an avid reader he continued to educate himself, being interested in a wide range of subjects, notably nature, mythology, philosophy, history, ghosts and hauntings, and, of course, animals and wildlife, and film and literature.

When he can find the time, in addition to writing, he also enjoys sketching, hiking, biking, swimming, and, on occasion, canoeing and hang-gliding. He looks forward to adding scuba-diving and sky-diving to the list. Joseph currently lives in Queens, New York with his cat, Merlin.

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Queens, New York
October 1, 2008


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Some of Joseph's sketches

cat  sketch

waterbird sketch


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