by Michael Cole

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"Scientists in Antarctica run up against an alien life form that's able to manipulate space as well as time."




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Snippet from Book

"Look at the water," Ron yelled. "It looks like it's boiling."

"It's the energy field," Tatyana shouted. "The water is parting. It appears to have the Akyna in its grasp."

"Bring the Trident up to the surface. Do it quickly!" Keeves commanded. "I don't want us anywhere near the black hole, or whatever the hell is causing the turbulence."

The whirling mass of water rotated faster and faster within the proximity of the Russian sub and the torpedo it had launched. One minute the Russian submarine was there, and the next it and the torpedo it had just fired were no longer in sight. Moments later, the water in the lake became calm once again.

Tatyana looked away from the monitor. "God only knows where the Russian sub went."

"I must say that was a damned smart move, Admiral," Ron said. "Having the alien do your dirty work for you."

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About This Great Book

Dr. Rick Donovan, an astrophysicist, leads a group of American scientists on a secret mission to Antarctica after a roving spy satellite spots a monolithic gray mass five miles long and one mile wide in a glacier's bowels.

Upon their arrival, Donovan soon discovers this anomaly entrenched in the glacier is capable of creating enormous amounts of energy—power strong enough to form a vortex that picks up their three-ton vehicle in its maws. Shaken to the core, but determined to find out what's inside the glacier, he and his team board a nuclear submarine to burrow through the ice. Donovan discovers that a life form of superior intelligence inhabits the gray mass.

To complicate their mission, a Russian nuclear submarine with the same goal in mind enters the area; unfortunately, the captain has an itchy trigger finger. In order to complete their objective, not only must they confront the Russians, but they must also figure out a way to make contact with the alien life form who's made it perfectly clear it wants to be left alone. Donovan and his team soon realize they'll have to pay a steep price both personally and professionally.


From A Review

I recommend this thoroughly enjoyable book to any Sci Fi enthusiast, or, for that matter, anyone who wishes for a delightful diversion. I gave it five stars because I thought the book was hugely entertaining.


From The Author

I have been fascinated with space and space exploration for as long as I can remember. As a child my heroes weren't the Lone Rangers or Roy Rodgers. My idols were people like Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble.

If I were to be granted one wish, I'd want a definitive answer as to whether intelligent life exists somewhere other than on Earth. And if it does, I want to know if we will ever be in a position to reach out to the stars in search of our galactic neighbors.

Astronomy has come a long way when you consider it was only four hundred years ago that the majority of educated people subscribed to the Aristotelian point of view—the Earth is the center of the universe and all heavenly bodies revolve around it. Since then, even though numerous astronomical advances have been made, we know virtually nothing about the universe.

I've heard people say writers like to write the same kind of books that they enjoy reading. This is certainly true in my case. Writers like Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov have done more than just write good science fiction. They were able to predict with uncanny accuracy what our future world would be like.

Michael Cole


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