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"A maelstrom of theft, murder, and a second chance at life."
--- ForemostPress.com

An alien couple travels across the galaxy to find their original Earth home isn't what their ancestors left. The race, originally from Earth, is curious to see how if and how the planet - and humanity - recovered from the devastating interstellar blow. Much to their surprise, they find Earth, only to be killed upon landing. All that remains is their essence in an orb, waiting to be released into a new body. After two long centuries, they find new hosts; only to find that humanity hasn't evolved as they had hoped or expected. Alien Strain by Michael Cole is a fast paced book that explores what it means to be human in a different way, with a unique perspective from the outside in.

I enjoyed Alien Strain. It was a fast, easy read that makes readers think about humanity and whether we're really evolving, or just killing ourselves and the world around us. It raises excellent questions about why we do what we do, and shines a light on the devastating consequences of rash and poor decisions. Michael Cole does a great job of creating a cast of characters dealing with the web that their actions create, as the aliens struggle to determine if Earth is worth sticking around for. I think this is a great read for people who like their sci-fi to be grounded more in day to day reality, instead of the hard sci-fi of the distant future, or that includes too much technical detail in the technology. A good and worthy read!

Reviewed by Sherri Fulmer Moorer for Readers' Favorite


Alien Strain is a science fiction story that is both engrossing and entertaining. The reader is presented with diverse portraits of human and alien worlds that have a common origin but different destinies as species. Michael Cole’s presentation is energetic and clever in its simplicity to project an evolutionary path of the two races from a unique point of view. The novel presents an interesting insight into the Ancient Astronauts Theory, and a strong possibility that our modern world has been spawned or greatly influenced by a more advanced ancient civilization of the past. Numerous archaeological finds actually suggest that this might be the case, and this particular novel delivers a fast-paced adventure tale skillfully blended with science fiction genre.

Michael Cole’s alien and human characters are portrayed as strong and unique individuals with their own dreams, desires and goals. The story of two alien lovers from a distant planet wishing to visit their ancestral home, planet Earth, swiftly accelerates into something more than just a honeymoon science mission. What starts as a vacation light years away from home transforms into a personal fight for understanding and survival, as powerful alien technology clashes with human psyche. Readers need to prepare for a special kind of First Contact, presented by a terrific storyteller. Expect fascinating scientific discoveries, dangerous pursuits, and a resolution that can only be described as surprising and emotionally uplifting.

David Crane, author of Die to Live Again, Price of Life and others


Very entertaining story involving long-distance space travel technology, plus human and alien value systems and relationships.

Add to that a strong impelling story line that incorporates a number of individuals who exhibit the best and worst personality traits of both species.

Richard Reynolds


In Michael Cole's twelfth novel, Alien Strain, an alien and his wife, whose distant ancestors were originally from Earth, decide to pay humanity a visit. Prior to their departure, they place a copy of their psyches inside a couple of spheres. The spheres are used on their planet to prolong life by having their neural network inserted into a clone. They hope that if something happens to them on Earth, and a human makes bodily contact with the spheres, they will be able to continue their lives inside a human host. When they land their spacecraft in Cambodia, a massive earthquake occurs.

Centuries later, his sphere is found. It ends up being sold to a wealthy businessman who wears it as an accoutrement to a masquerade party. Once the alien strain enters his body, the process goes awry, and a battle for survival begins. It's one thing for an alien to enter a clone and quite another for it to enter a living entity, particularly one that's human. The alien attempts to take over, but the human's immune system resists his advances. Eventually there can only be one victor. The question is, who will it be?

Several factors motivated Cole to write this novel: He discovered that scientists have been experimenting with a process that in the not too distant future will enable a human brain to operate a robotic device. This made him wonder if technology might not eventually evolve to the point where one's entire neurological framework could be transplanted into another biological organism.

This premise makes for a fascinating science fiction tale. Could it very well happen?



"The past and present collide in this on-the-edge-of-your-seat sci-fi tale."
--- ForemostPress.com

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