The Effective Board Chair
by Gregory Boudreaux, Ph.D.

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The Effective Board Chair

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Snippet from Book

The board chair, in some companies called the chairperson or president, is the senior-most officer of the corporation. Directors are elected by owners to govern the corporation, and the chair is elected by the board to help it make good decisions. In doing this job the chair should focus on three key objectives:

  • Ensuring that directors and managers understand their respective roles.
  • Structuring board meetings so that directors fulfill their legal responsibilities to carefully analyze relevant information, approve budgets and policies, and evaluate company and CEO performance.
  • Preparing the board to deal effectively with potential risks that may threaten the corporation or the board itself.

Achieving these objectives requires the chair's active involvement because there is no one else who can play this role. Each of the three objectives is important because a failure in any one of them can lead to corporate failure.

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About This Great Book

Most companies in the world are governed by boards, and all boards have a presiding chair. But what do great chairs do and what lessons can they learn from other chairs, both successful and unsuccessful?

This guide is unique in the literature of corporate governance: it gives simple, clear and practical advice to chairs, with a sense of respect for the important role they play in the worldwide system of corporate governance.


From A Review

What does a board chairman actually do and what skills does the chair need to be effective? There are thousands of books that explain the duties of directors but almost none that focus on the unique role of the chair, the person elected by the board to be the senior-most officer of the corporation. This practical handbook, The Effective Board Chair, by Gregory Boudreaux, brings the reader into the inner workings of boardrooms . . .


From The Author

The great board chairs I have known are low-key and thoughtful. They listen, they respect the diversity of opinion in the boardroom, and they want to make a difference. It's this combination of traits that makes chairs effective. They keep the board on track but not with a heavy hand. They enforce the rules of debate while encouraging all directors to participate. They facilitate discussion rather than forcing it to a predetermined conclusion. They know that the concept of a board is predicated on the idea that a small group of disinterested but informed individuals tend to make better decisions than any other approach.

Great chairs can make great boards. We have all witnessed corporate meltdowns and ethical failures by directors and executives. It is time once again to assert the important role of corporate governance and the key role of the chair in helping the board make good decisions.

Gregory Boudreaux


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