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Ates, Kemal

3-D Cover for Outcasts of the Homeland

"Outcasts of the Homeland" - Ayten, Mahmut, and Gulseren are young people living in the slums outside Ankara, Turkey and struggling to find their own identities in a place trapped between city ways and village tradition. Outcasts of the Homeland is a poignant tale of migrant villagers forced for various reasons to abandon their agrarian roots and fight tooth and nail to establish a new life in the city. (Fiction/ Cultural Heritage)

Boudreaux, Gregory
3-D Cover for The Boardroom Paradox

"Boardroom Paradox, The: Why Smart Directors Do Dumb Things" - Corporate boards usually perform away from public view, but events at Enron and WorldCom and the recent near collapse of the economy have led to an intense scrutiny into their actions. Consumers, owners, regulators, the media and directors themselves are asking why boards have failed so badly. This timely book explains the principles of corporate governance and dissects what the boards did at several well-known companies, including what they should have done instead. (Nonfiction/Business & Economics)

3-D Cover for The Effective Board Chair

"Effective Board Chair, The" - The chair has the least understood job in corporate governance. Thousands of books discuss the duties of directors but few explain the role of the chair, the person responsible for helping the board make good decisions while avoiding petty bickering or mindless groupthink. This handbook gives essential lessons of immediate value to new chairs and experienced practitioners alike. (Nonfiction/Business: Role of the Chair)

Brown, Christa

3-D Cover for This Little Light

"This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and His Gang" - In this groundbreaking memoir and exposť, Christa Brown tells the story of clergy sex abuse and cover-ups in the largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. As she shares her journey from trusting church girl to tenacious advocate for children's safety, Brown shines a light on the patterns of preacher-predators and the collusion of evangelical leaders. This Little Light speaks of the unspeakable, and in doing so, testifies to the transformative power of truth-telling. (Nonfiction/Religion/Autobiographical)

Chacko, David

3-D Cover for A Long Way From Eden

"A Long Way From Eden" - When a sinkhole freakishly erupts, the decaying remains of a young woman surface. Homicide detectives are forced to dig ever more deeply along twisted, dangerous paths into the past. Their journey makes for a haunting, teeth-grinding tale. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Beggarman, Spy

"Beggarman, Spy" - The biography of Israel Potter created a sensation when it was first published. Potter's tale was so strange and compelling that Herman Melville later made it his own in fiction. But no one has ever known Potter's true-life tale, which was hidden for more than two hundred years. Beggarman, Spy brings the truth out of the shadows of history with grace and vengeance. It makes a great adventure into an even greater story.
(Co-written with Alexander Kulcsar) (History/United States/Revolutionary Period)

3-D Cover for Devil's Feathers

"Devil's Feathers" - Inspector Levent, Istanbul Homicide, is on vacation when his most sensational case is handed off to him. How can he stop the past from invading the present with fire that literally burns its victims alive? What kind of vengeance consumes without ever being quenched? Devil's Feathers answers these questions and more. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Echo Five

"Echo Five" - Echo Five takes place at the end of the world where terror is the norm and the heat arrives from the rim of hell. Jason Ender, who has been assigned to debrief high value terrorists in the Horn of Africa, finds himself caught in a rising tide of violence that begins with the death of a young female interrogatoróEcho Fiveóand ends with the discovery of a plot that threatens to pull the plug on the petroleum lifeline to the West. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Gone Over

"Gone Over: Israel Potter's War" - Gone Over is the story of the American Revolution seen through the reverse lens of British Intelligence—a view never quite seen before. Israel Potter is the best known private soldier of the Revolution, and his story takes the reader through the maelstrom of the war. From a beginning in captivity, Potterís life touches every major figure of this secret war, starting with the underground Friends of America in England and continuing through Benjamin Franklinís mission in Paris until it finally returns to the home front and the defection of Benedict Arnold.
(Co-written with Alexander Kulcsar) (Fiction/Historical)

3-D Cover for raveyard Eyes

"Graveyard Eyes" - The torture and murder of a prominent businesswoman launches a police investigation that ruffles the collar of the gigantic city of Istanbul. Inspector Levent, the man the department calls when discretion is demanded, uses all his skills to make his way through a maze of sex and hot money, obscured at every turn by the realities of power. When he reaches the pinnacle of society, the discoveries that he makes provide a scintillating top-down view of Turkey, the Moslem country on the verge of entry into the EU. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Less Than a Shadow

"Less Than a Shadow" - As hot as today's headlines. Turkey, the front line of democracy in the Middle East, is about to suffer a devastating terrorist attack. Jason Ender stands alone on the rim of chaos with orders to prevent it, whatever the price. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Like a Man

"Like a Man" - Czech paratroopers make a night-drop into their Nazi-occupied homeland during WW II. Their objective? To kill the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany. They accomplish their mission against insurmountable odds, then seek safety in the catacombs of an ancient church. When confronted by an entire SS regiment, their chances of escape are slim to none. (Fiction/Action)

3-D Cover for Martyr's Creek

"Martyr's Creek" - When your worst enemy makes you the executor of his estate, you don't expect an easy time. What James Pandolph discovers in settling Tom Powys' considerable estate is nothing compared to what is required settling the passions of his life. This includes neo-conservative politics at the highest level and the bodies that have fallen at every step along the way. (Fiction/Literary/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Brimstone Papers

"The Brimstone Papers" - From the furious mantrap called the Battle of Bunker Hill to a raging disaster at sea, The Brimstone Papers tells the first year of the Revolutionary War as no one has ever thought to do. The story, based on the peripatetic life of a real man, is as rooted in its time as it is relevant to ours. (Co-written with Alexander Kulcsar) (Fiction/Historical)

3-D Cover for The Byzantium Stone

"The Byzantium Stone" - Samson Mondieu, the designated treasure hunter, is sent to track down a remarkable gemstone. Said to be God-made, it was last seen during the fall of Constantinople. Slowly, Samson comes to realize that what he is searching for is less a mystical object then the bedrock of the secret that drives all the other secrets. But that's not all he will discover. When he delivers The Byzantium Stone to its latest master, he will be forced to choose between love and the promise of forever. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The God App

"The God App" - When Greg Louden is called in to investigate a theft of intellectual property at a software firm, he never dreams that lines of code are things that people will kill and die for. But when past crimes and huge amounts of money are involved, what people will do is measured by what they want. And in this case that's everything. (Fiction//Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover of The Peacock Angel

"The Peacock Angel" - Jason Ender, the acknowledged master of the espionage game, leads a team of dedicated people in a desperate hunt for a mysterious, ancient religious icon. With the future of the Middle East at stake, Ender soon discovers that despite his vast talents and skills, he may be fated for death by powerful forces determined to take and use the icon for their own purposes. From the streets of Zurich to the mountains of Italy and the hills of Mesopotamia, the action rolls inexorably toward the surprising and unexpected conclusion. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Satan Machine

"The Satan Machine" - The attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II was like no other public attack in the extraordinarily violent twentieth century, but the event is still cloaked in mystery. The Satan Machine takes us down to street level to show how it all came about. And it isn't the way we thought at all. (Fiction/Action & Adventure)

3-D Cover for The Severan Prophecies

"The Severan Prophecies" - When the Roman emperor Caracalla was assassinated, his family gave the task of safeguarding their dynasty to the questor Marcellus Decimus, the narrator of this story. How he led a young boy named Varius in a race against death that culminated in the restoration of the dynasty is one of the more remarkable episodes in the chaotic and violent history of Rome. (Fiction/Historical)

Cole, Michael

3-D Cover for Alien Strain

"Alien Strain" - When gold becomes scarce on his planet Phanus, Rodin and his bride explore the feasibility of extracting the precious metal from Earth. Prior to their departure, they place a copy of their psyches inside two spheres as an insurance policy. If something were to happen to them, the spheres would give them a second chance at life. Centuries later, their spheres are found in Cambodia as part of a missing person's search for an archeologist and her team. What results is murder, theft, and a battle for survival. (Science Fiction/Alien Contact)

3-D Cover for Antiquated Astronaut

"Antiquated Astronaut" - Due to a freakish anomaly that takes place in the far reaches of space, astronaut Rory Colt ends up back on Earth five hundred years into the future. But the world as he knew it no longer exists. In its place are two dissimilar civilizations. In one society a cyber world of self-gratification provides its occupants with electromechanical enhancements, while the other is comprised of people who emulate life as it was lived in the nineteenth century. When a beautiful woman hybrid lures Rory into her futuristic world, he soon discovers they are being manipulated by an omniscient, electronic immortal who has ensnared them into a terrifying web of betrayal and deceit. To free the new world from the monster's clutches, he must destroy him. But how does one destroy a creature who lives in cyberspace? (Science Fiction/Time Travel)

3-D Cover for Ghost Ship of the Desert

"Ghost Ship of the Desert" - Against the backdrop of the polluted Salton Sea, Investigative Reporter Jonathan Bruckheimer is challenged to prove the existence of an old, land-locked Spanish galleon that many believe is the ghost ship of the desert. It is rumored to contain a large treasure trove of rare black pearls. Things become complicated when Looney, a Native American Indian, who is instrumental to this quest, is murdered. Although the desert town of Brawley is small, the hunger for riches is great. This makes practically everyone in the community a suspect. Risking the wrath of his editor, not to mention personal danger, Bruckheimer is determined to uncover the truth. Does the ghost ship of the desert actually exist? Who murdered Looney and why? (Fiction/Mystery)

-D Cover for Golden Disk of the Sun

"Golden Disk of the Sun" - A jealous and troubled entrepreneur and his fiancťe, a beautiful archeologist, hire Eric Shade, a guide, to lead them into the Amazon jungle in search of a priceless Incan treasure. The golden mirror purportedly lies hidden inside a maleficent mountain, a mountain where it has been rumored the mysterious Star Walkers live. They soon discover that much more than an ancient artifact is at stake. Not only does the journey extract its toll on these adventurers, but once they are close to finding the treasure, rivalry, betrayal, and deceit enter into play. (Book One of the Star Walkers Trilogy) (Fiction/Action & Adventure)

3-D Cover for Not of This Earth

"Not of This Earth" - A professor of archeology sets out on a mission to identify an ancient Mesoamerican ruin and a mysterious anomaly that lies beneath it. The workers she hires to excavate the ruin flee, claiming there are malevolent forces at work. Thinking that they are just superstitious, she and her team disregard the warning and continue to explore the peculiar metallic structure. What starts out as an archeological dig turns into a maelstrom of death and destruction. (Science Fiction/Alien Contact)

3-D Cover for Pandora

"Pandora" - When a group of NASA scientists are informed that a monolithic gray mass is entrenched in the largest glacier in Antarctica, they set out on a mission in a nuclear submarine to establish contact with it. But first they must penetrate a sheet of ice two and a half miles thick so they can reach a subglacial lake. Much to their dismay, upon entering the lake, they discover that the Russians are intent on doing the same thing. When they launch a torpedo at the American submarine, an unearthly force hurls the Russian sub into the Polar Sea. Just as the scientists are about to make contact with the alien life form, an gigantic earthquake occurs. The few survivors soon experience a series of horrific events that will forever change their lives. (Science Fiction/Alien Contact)

3-D Cover for Room of Dark Secrets

"Room of Dark Secrets" - While searching for an ancient mystical manuscript, a cardinal jeopardizes his chances of becoming pope by inadvertently disclosing to the media a Vatican conspiracy. A Las Vegas magician is looking for the same book. If he doesnít locate it, he will lose his job and with it his lavish lifestyle. And if he does find it, he will become famous—that is, if the powers within the book donít kill him first. (Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Secrets of El Tovar Canyon

"Secrets of El Tovar Canyon" - When an unscrupulous antiquities dealer hires an archeologist to uncover the origin of an ancient tablet, he sets off a bizarre chain of events: Ten-thousand-year-old mummies are found in a cave in the Grand Canyon. A golden statue is discovered in the Sphinxís paw. What's the secret linking Arizona and Egypt? The U.S. Dept. of Defense believes the answer may well put the entire world at risk. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Strands of Life

"Strands of Life" - When Eric Shade purchases a 16th-century letter written by a Spanish conquistador that provides information on how the legendary Star Walkers can be found, he sets out into the Amazon in search of them. Things become mighty complicated when Shade realizes that in addition to having to deal with mercenaries who are hell-bent on killing him, he must also contend with a tribe of cannibals. But it is only when he is confronted with the imposing challenges of an infamous mountain that Shade begins to doubt his own abilities. Deep within this mountain, Shade discovers the truth about the Star Walkers. Much to his horror, he realizes that it is up to him to make certain the world doesn't implode. (Book Three of the Star Walkers Trilogy) (Fiction/Action & Adventure)

3-D Cover for Subprime

"Subprime" - Set against a backdrop of financial intrigue, Subprime provides the reader with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the highly charged and unscrupulous world of mortgage lending. Not only must the protagonist navigate his way through the serpentine and sometimes ruthless world of big business, but he must do so amidst treachery and betrayal from a seemingly benign uncle who, consumed with making money, seeks power in much the same way an addict craves drugs. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Papyrus Document

"The Papyrus Document" - When a noted Pakistani archeologist discovers an ancient hand-scribed document, he is murdered. With the help of a forensic pathologist, his son seeks to complete his father's work. But their death becomes more imminent with each step taken, for the content of the document may destroy the foundations of both the Muslim and Christian world. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Tunnels of the Deep

"Tunnels of the Deep" - Deceit and betrayal await a history professor and the beautiful student who convinces him to leave the safety of the classroom and enter the treacherous Amazon jungle. His inner strength is tested by a man who is every bit as much a predator as the giant anacondas that abound in the swampy marshlands they must cross to locate a tunnel. The tunnel not only leads them to an ancient city, but also to a group of natives who have outlandish powers, which they claim they inherited from the Star Walkers. At first the professor refuses to believe in the legend that a group of gods could have actually descended from the sky in strange ships to impart their wisdom to these natives. But that is before he participates in a ceremony. The rite convinces him that the Star Walkers are much more than just a myth. (Book Two of the Star Walkers Trilogy) (Fiction/Action & Adventure)

3-D Cover for Well of Souls

"Well of Souls" - Professor Templeton gets a lot more than she bargains for when she agrees to join an expedition whose goal is to find Genghis Khan's tomb. On her quest for his sarcophagus, she stumbles upon an ancient gold medallion. Its inscription enables her to uncover a conspiracy so horrific that not only does it create an international incident, but also causes one man to go insane and another to lose his life. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Collins, Joseph

3-D Cover for The Whispering Fields

"The Whispering Fields" - In the wilds of Upstate New York, a young dog is abandoned on a lonely country road—an act that propels him into an epic journey of adventure and self-discovery. After meeting four other strays, the newly-formed canine fellowship sets off on a quest to find the Whispering Fields, a legendary, hidden sanctuary for all homeless dogs. (Fiction/Fantasy)

Crane, David

3-D Cover for Boomerang Will Not Return

"Boomerang Will Not Return" - It was supposed to be a simple mission—deliver six nuclear missiles back to the United States onboard the most advanced Stealth bomber in the world. What no one expected was an aerial phenomenon that catapults the plane and its crew from the present day to the year 1942 into the heart of Nazi Germany. With their plane disabled and captured by the Nazis, Major Richard Hartman and his copilot, Captain Deana Crown, are forced to fight for survival in a hostile land decades away from home. With the planeís superior technology and its nuclear onboard arsenal, the Nazis could win the Second World War. The battle for the future will happen in both past and present. The pilots trapped in time now have a new mission: to save history at any price. (Science Fiction/Time Travel)

3-D Cover for Demon Heart

"Demon Heart" - Naoko Kitamura's human appearance hides a dark secret that must be hidden from humans. She is a demon hybrid, a descendant of a demon and a samurai. Struggling to uphold her motherís legacy as defender of Japan against evil, she faces human and nonhuman enemies determined to alter her countryís destiny. Her powers are both a blessing and a curse, for, by being extraordinary, Naoko can never live an ordinary life. For her, the road to victory will be written in blood. (Fiction/Fantasy/Dark Fantasy)

3-D Cover for Die to Live Again

"Die to Live Again" - In a post-apocalyptic world gripped by madness, young college graduate Tanya Gray is forced to make a choice—whether to accept natureís miraculous hidden promise of revival. The chosen ones must die to live again. One thing is certain, the world reshaped by nuclear fire will never be the same. It is a story of war, tragedy, love, and triumph of the human spirit. (Science Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic)

3-D Cover to Makers of Destiny

"Makers of Destiny - Sequel to Die to Live Again" - Surviving the Armageddon and the savage Second Civil War, Panther warrior-healer Tanya Gray serves as a presidential advisor. She now has a family of her own and is looking forward to a better tomorrow. But the balance of power is changed when a new ruthless and mysterious force from the past lays claim to New America's remaining resources. And once again, Tanya Gray is forced to fight to extinguish the flames of a new Civil War. (Science Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic)

3-D Cover for Planet of Gods

"Planet of Gods" - Professor Peter Blackwood, a former Space Marine turned scientist, looks forward to retirement on a paradise resort planet. Snatching him from the hyperspace highway, a power alien intelligence catapults him light years away to a remote planet—Enigma. With his ship damaged and unable to escape, Blackwood encounters a human colony, a world controlled by the red cloud and populated by mortals and powerful overlords—immortal human beings with godlike powers. He soon becomes a player in a dangerous socio-political game. It's a game Blackwood cannot afford to lose—for on his shoulders rests the destiny of millions of people. (Book 1 of Enigma) (Science Fiction)

3-D Cover for Planet of Men

"Planet of Men" - Escaping the wrath of powerful godlike overlords, Peter Blackwood finds a temporary place of safety on Freedom Island, the only place on planet Enigma where overlords cannot touch him. But the game designed by the alien red cloud is far from over. Once only a myth sustained for centuries, Blackwood is now a living symbol of rebellion against the tyrannical supermen. The islanders have their own war to fight against an imminent invasion by the overlord imperial forces. To end the war and win the game, Blackwood must discover and activate an ancient super weapon called The Heart of the Sun. But every victory has a price... (Book 2 of Enigma) (Science Fiction)

3-D Cover for Price of Life

"Price of Life" - They're forever young. Descendants of the legendary first immortal, they look like us but they're nothing like us. They can heal almost any wound and kill by touch, taking the human life force. For some of them, we are prey. For the others, we are a reflection of their humanity. When survival of both species is at stake, lines must be drawn and courage must be found to be willing to pay the ultimate price.
(Science Fiction/Action & Adventure)

3-D Cover for Swordpoint

"Swordpoint" - Eugene Francois Vidocq was a thief, an adventurer, and a duelist who searched for his place in life with wit, sword, and passionate love affairs. Hunted by the police agents of revolutionary France and later the agents of Napoleon, he is forced to make the most important decision in his life to survive and become a man of respect. To achieve that, he must transform himself into a new man, an outlaw hunting the outlaws in the name of justice. The road to salvation is hard, but for a man like Vidocq, failure is not an option. (Fiction/Historical)

Eutsler, Steven

3-D Cover for Reunion

"Reunion - Krinics Series: Book 2" - With the defeat of the Rawyn in the Battle of the Barren Basin, the Krinicsians thought they defeated the darkness threatening their world and the galaxy. They were wrong.... The darkness resurfaces in the malicious form of Sema. Sema has one mission: the complete control of Krinics and the galaxy. Her malevolent plans begin with Empress Pe'Anitia and the people of Krinics. The future stands upon a crumbling precipice. (Fiction/Fantasy/Epic)

3-D Cover for The End's Beginning

"The End's Beginning - Krinics Series: Book 1" - When Allanna Alill arrives to spend summer at her grandfather's home in Minnesota, she could never imagine the unbelievable journey awaiting her. Mysteriously transported across the galaxy, Allanna awakens on Krinics, a moon orbiting the planet of Ramac. In this world where life and death dangle on the edge of a sword, she meets daring heroes, malicious villains, and marvelous creatures. (Fiction/Fantasy/Epic)

3-D Cover for Unity

"Unity - Krinics Series: Book 3" - Allanna Alill eludes the Rawyn assassins and returns to Krinics. Upon her return she must assume the throne as empress. She must win the hearts of the Krinicsian people while adapting to life on Krinics. Yet, Menga and his forces have been watching and waiting for their chance to strike at Allanna. Now she must find a way to cement her role as empress and foil Menga's plans for her of becoming his new Sema. She must rely on her wits and ingenuity to ascend to the role destiny has fated for her. (Fiction/Fantasy/Epic)

Geldermann, Tom

Cover for The Lure of the Dutchman

"The Lure of the Dutchman" - And yet another name is added to the long list of those who perished hunting for the Lost Dutchman Mine. Kevin and Lauri Beth, uncovering implications of staggering proportions, discover their names have also been added to the list of the hunted! (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Grandbois, Jean

3-D Cover for Mental Distortions

"Mental Distortions" - Tibetan culture and a cold, desolate landscape form a colorful backdrop to this tale of dangerous pursuit, unspeakable atrocities, and a fight for survival against all odds. (Fiction/Action/Adventure)

Holsinger, C. P.

3-D Cover for All the Bishop's Men

"All the Bishop's Men" - Something doesn't seem quite right when Lt. Nick Greer responds to a call of an apparent suicide of a Catholic priest. His gut feelings tell him there may be much more to the priest's death than anyone had imagined. In the midst of all this mayhem, he suddenly finds himself involved in an unexpected romance. Despite increased pressure from his boss, local government officials, and the bishop, Nick follows his instincts, leading him along a trail of murder, terror, and a secret nest of corruption involving high-ranking diocesan officials. (Fiction/Mystery)

3-D Copy of Beyond the Horizon

"Beyond the Horizon" - Wars are raging across the globe. America is weakened and fragmented. Texas and California have seceded. The newly formed republics of Texas and California are struggling, and Arizona is alone with a hostile nation beating on her southern door. The president is dead and his successor is a corrupt tyrant committed to his own agenda--the propagation of Islam and the extinction of the American way of life. (Fiction/Action & Adventure)

3-D Cover for Secrets Behind the Collar

"Secrets Behind the Collar" - Detectives Nick Greer and Sonny Madison must find out who is killing priests. Their search takes them from churches to strip clubs, from the Arizona desert to the Great Lakes. Could a little town in Pennsylvania hold the answer? More bodies fall. Jealousy and vengeance abound. Trusts are broken, careers are demolished, and families are torn apart. (Fiction/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Nemo Murders

"The Nemo Murders" - Detectives Nick Greer and Sonny Madison are on the trail of a serial killer who calls himself Nemo. Is he real? Or is it a ploy to mislead the detectives? The list of victims grows as does the list of suspects while the detectives struggle to find the one common denominator to connect them all. Even the most honorable aren't exempt from the effects of vengeance, evil, infidelity, and jealousy that blaze their trail throughout the story, all the way to the shocking conclusion. (Fiction/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Vein to the Heart

"The Vein to the Heart" - Lt. Nick Greer, Phoenix PD, responds when the mutilated body of his friend and mentor is found floating in a canal. When it becomes apparent there's a serial killer on the loose in his city, he follows meager clues all the way to the East Coast and back. Finally, a trap is set, but not before another close friend goes down. Even Greer himself becomes a victim of the web of infidelity, deception, and murder that weaves its way through this mystery. This whodunit will keep you turning the pages all the way to the startling conclusion. (Fiction/Mystery)

Hutton, Tad

3-D Cover for God's Money

"God's Money" - Four fishermen find twenty million dollars on an island. Now they have to keep the cash from the drug cartel and pirates who claim it. The setting for this thrill and laugh-a-minute tale is the notorious Palawan Passage in the South China Sea. Deacon and his friends face off the criminals, and then deal with a greedy churchman and competing nations who claim ownership of the island. A renegade American, a beautiful schoolteacher, and a Japanese hermit drive this tale to its exciting conclusion. Based on actual events. (Fiction/Action/Adventure)

3-D Cover for Rio Savannah

"Rio Savannah" - Violence and fear erupt on two continents as Gray Hartís business trip entangles him in kidnappings, drug wars, and terrorist attacks. His friends become defiant heroes, battling the greed and corruption of major powers. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd

"Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd" - Eddie Dowd goes on some rollicking, hilarious adventures to uncover the secrets of Salt Island. Time travel, rides on monster turtles, battles with slavers, and a sea fight with the British Navy drive this modern Huck Finn forward as he learns from his ancestors the history and culture of his people. (Fiction/Fantasy)

3-D Cover for Super Bowl Fix?

"Super Bowl Fix?" - A Super Bowl isn't so much fun when crazy people are trying to destroy the Superdome. The crazies also attempt to fix the game itself, and, oh yes, to disrupt the halftime show just for the hell of it. The plot gets thicker and funnier as separate and zany conspirators bring out hilarious bureaucrats trying to put a whack-a-mole stop to the shenanigans. (Fiction/Satire)

James, Coby Derek

3-D Cover for Mugged in Marseilles

"Mugged in Marseilles" - A victim of identity theft suddenly discovers only the thief can prevent his own death, and that of many other innocents at the hands of terrorists. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Jones, Colin D.

3-D Cover for Shifted

"Shifted" - Young Mark Arsenault is haunted by a flickering, ghostly figure, and by a bestial presence lurking beneath his skin. As he comes of age, he learns they are far stranger than he could have dared guess; their fates entangled with the fabric of reality itself. Pursued by government agents, Mark struggles to understand his true nature, to save the woman he loves, and to prevent a cosmological catastrophe. To do so, he must become the thing he has always feared most, a creature of Norse myth too terrifying to unleash in this world. (Fiction/Action/Suspense)

Kavukcu, Cemil

3-D Cover for Gamba

"Gamba" - You wouldn't call him an old man, but he felt like one. Facing retirement, Asim Eray was stumped. How was he going to spend the rest of his life? Where had his youth gone? What had he achieved? Escape—that's what'd he do—by taking a bike trip on the dusty roads of southern Turkey. Maybe down one of those roads, he'd run across something he'd lost along the way; some secret ingredient missing from his life; some bit of knowledge he used to know but had somehow forgotten. Suddenly, a creature from his childhood reappears, not only in his dreams, but when he is wide awake. Gamba! A frightful character from his childhood nightmares is back—luring him into a psychological abyss. (Fiction/Men's Adventure)

Kickham, Larry

3-D Cover for Elvis Rex

"Elvis Rex" - An orphan uprooted by war, Anthony journeys to Kingdom City, the center of a would-be empire based on violence, slavery and a phony post-apocalyptic religion dictated by an ever-changing Now Testament, only to discover he's an Elvis, a clone of the long-dead pop star, the King of Rock and Roll. (Fiction/General)

Kimport, Larry

3-D Cover for A Small Harvest of Pretty Days

"A Small Harvest of Pretty Days" - In 1890s Pennsylvania, lonesome Clara Waltz falls in love with an aging drifter whom she rescues from a world far stranger than her own. (Fiction/Literary/Mystery)

3-D Cover for At the Table of Want

"At the Table of Want" - Much scarred orphan, Truman Kramer, having joined the Peace Corps, is assigned to a small Malaysian community, serving an assemblage of all-but-forgotten handicapped children. Truman, never having kissed a girl, becomes involved with an unloved, married woman; a shopkeeperís wife craving anything of her own. As his service wanes, mired in earnestness and deceit, his loverís husband discovers his wifeís affair. Torn with remorse, young Truman acts, plumbing the depths of love, and our need to attach ourselves to other human beings. (Fiction/Literary)

MacWithey, Bill

3-D Cover of Dishonorable Death

"Dishonorable Death" - U.S. Army Ranger, Mitch Davis, brings home the body of his commander to Arlington. The team was ambushed searching for MIAs in Cambodia. Leaving the funeral, Mitch and the team are attacked with deadly force in the heart of Washington, D.C. Without a who or why, they soon discover they've been trapped in a twisted web of murder, mayhem, and treachery. (Fiction/Action)

3-D Cover for Killed by Death

"Killed by Death" - John Taylor, professional hit man for the CIA, has been successful because he always follows orders. When told his next target is top ranking U.S. Air Force General Bickman, he hesitates for the first time. And is immediately entangled in an ugly plot involving far more than someone wanting the general dead. (Fiction/Action)

Mason, Ken

Riley 3-D Cover

"Riley" - Riley was snatched at birth by the military who plan to use his superhuman powers as a weapon. Recurring dreams call him home to another world. When he discovers the plan, he lets loose awesome powers, escapes, and begins a different journey, equally terrifying.
(Science Fiction/Fantasy)

McCord, Joe

3-D Cover for Stephan's Journey

"Stephan's Journey" - During WWII a young German soldier (Stephan) winds up in Spain. He rescues a young woman (Maria Elena) from an assault. She thinks Stephan is Spanish and her father hires him as her bodyguard. At first they clash but, slowly, they fall in love. On a honeymoon trip they battle bishops, popes, pirates—and each other. Finally, Stephan faces the choice of continuing to lie to Maria Elena, or telling her the truth and risk losing everything. Their entire future rests on his decision. (Fiction/Romance/Historical)

McElwain, Bob


"Blackmail" - Terri Delaney is a rising star in television news. But a blackmailer is threatening her career. She turns to Jack Collier, PI. In no time, Jack realizes he may not win this round. He finds himself and Terri entangled in a vicious web involving far more than the blackmailer alone. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Blowback

"Blowback" - Thugs burst into Dr. Wade Turklen's home, brutally assaulting and slashing the throats of his wife and two teenage daughters. He is shot and left for dead. Was his family the victims of a random attack or was he the target, and his family killed only to cover that fact? Fueled by hatred and bent on revenge, he sets out on a mission that may very well destroy the very essence of whom he believes himself to be. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Cover for Lethal Wind

"Lethal Wind" - Harry Boggs is the man to see about cocaine. And he's accumulated 200 million bucks dealing the stuff. Can one man buck this kind of power? Scott Macklen is not at all sure he can. But he knows that if he does not, he will die. A masterful mix of coke, violence, and murder, delivered skillfully to create a fast, easy read, difficult to put down. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Slaughter on Maple Street

"Slaughter on Maple Street" - Officially Marsha Rieker and five others were murdered by a crazy. As Kyle, her brother, wraps her affairs, he discovers why she died: she had information the CIA does not want released. When an attempt is made on his life, he suspects they believe he now has it. Badly in need of help, he gathers a team of competent professionals who have fought beside him in Special Forces. Even as they prepare to move out, each man knows he may not make it this time. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Strike Terror

"Strike Terror" - Kate wants to know why Nick attacked a sniper without a weapon, and she means to see the story printed. Nick tries to duck her, then finds they are irrevocably linked in a desperate effort to survive. Their only hope lies in discovering the true purpose of the terrorists determined to destroy them. A fast-paced no-stopping page-turner. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Take the Shot

"Take the Shot" - When the body of the latest victim of a serial rapist is accidently discovered, Lisa Anders knows she is also slated to die, for she can identify the killer. Should she flee? Abandon her hopes and dreams for a successful career? Or stay and tough it out? With ex-cop Todd Hallster at her side, Lisa reluctantly decides to stay. Immediately she realizes she may have made the greatest mistake of her life, one she may not survive. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Those Who Betray

"Those Who Betray" - Initially, Eva Starling, a noted economist, only needs answers from Mark Rippet to questions about how his dad went bankrupt. When they realize their lives are at risk because she asked them, other questions overwhelm. And survival becomes the primary goal. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Mitchell, Ed

Cover for Gold Lust

"Gold Lust" - Thanks to the shifting nature of the mountains in California, Nolen Martin discovers a huge vein of gold overlooked by earlier prospectors. For unfathomable reasons, he finds himself being stalked by a huge international mining cartel. And by the FBI. His problem quite suddenly becomes critical. He must stay alive long enough to file his claim. But it's clear, others will take whatever steps are required to prevent him from doing so. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Romanowski, Michael W.

3-D Cover for Inside the Kill Box

"Inside the Kill Box" - Operation Desert Storm: Former prisoner of war David Sweet returns home, battered, bloodied, and haunted by memories of the savagery he has witnessed. But his trials have not yet ended. There are those who will do anything to keep the long-hidden secrets he possesses from seeing the light of day. Even if it means destroying him, and everything he holds dear. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for Steel on Target

"Steel on Target" - Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003: Nearing retirement, Sweet has but one loose thread to tie up. One final mission to survive. As night falls for the last time over Saddam Hussein and his evil regime, American forces pour into Baghdad. One elite unit will seek out someone from Sweet's past—a woman who is as deadly as she is beautiful. Now treachery is found around every corner, and murder is in the air. Who can Sweet trust? And will he discover who his true allies are before a deadly plot is hatched, and untold thousands die? (Fiction/Thrillers/Military)

3-D Cover for Task Force Dragon

"Task Force Dragon" - Battle of the Bulge survivor Phillip Vogel has been given a dangerous mission: drive 50 miles behind enemy lines to stage a rescue at a brutal Nazi POW camp. The lives of hundreds of American GIs hang in the balance. But there is more to the tale—secrets long buried and treason lie behind every bend in the road. What had been simply impossible is now a virtual suicide mission, unless Vogel can discover who the real enemy is before it is too late. (Fiction/Thrillers/Military)

Sarfeh, I. J.

3-D Cover for Hunting for Tamara

"Hunting for Tamara" - Masked gunmen massacre a prominent Iraqi family in Baghdad. Dr. Liam Casey, a trusted family friend who had served in Iraq, is recruited by U.S. Army Intelligence to find Tamara Najib, the lone survivor. Following a bizarre trail of clues left by a dead soldier, he finds himself plunged into a web of terror. There are those who are intent on keeping the truth hidden. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for In the Name of Islam

"In the Name of Islam" - Held captive at an isolated farmhouse, Dr. Morgan Reese is forced at gunpoint to perform surgery on an Afghan calling himself the Holy Imam. Reese soon suspects that the Imam is a threat to national security. Thus begins the deadly battle of wits between the two antagonists. Caught in the crossfire is the Imamís nurse, Miriam, a devout, nonviolent Moslem. In a makeshift operating room, Reese finally faces his nemesis, knowing only one of them will survive. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

3-D Cover for The Final Victim

"The Final Victim" - In rural Michigan, a famed athlete undergoes a routine operation. Six weeks later he is dead, victim of a bizarre form of cancer. In Los Angeles, a radio announcer dies of the same cause. Coincidence? Dr. Greg Dostoyov, the athlete's surgeon, and biologist Kate Adams do not think so. Their quest for answers begins in a remote Scottish laboratory. Greg stumbles upon a photograph of stem cells resembling those that caused the athlete's death. The clue launches Greg and Kate into a vortex of danger, imposed by those who would repress the discovery. The ordeal ends in a California hospital, where the mystery unfolds in a surprising and explosive climax. (Fiction/Action/Mystery)

Schrader, Stephen J.

3-D Cover for Ajax

"Ajax" - Genius Captain Jacob Brinn continues his crusade to bring humanity the wonders of tomorrow, today. But, Ajax's attack on an American nuclear reactor derails even the Captainís plan. Prepare for an unimaginable battle of intellects, with the fate of the world at stake. A battle where the army of the mightiest nation on earth is nothing more than a helpless victim. (Book Two of the Argosy Trilogy) (Science Fiction)

3-D Cover for Paradigm Lost

"Paradigm Lost" - Investigating the miraculous rescue of an American shuttle craft crew, two American reporters are drawn into mankindís greatest adventure. Captain Jacob Brinn, the master of the fabulous research vessel Argo is offering the human race the wonders of tomorrow, today. The only catch...the world of tomorrow cannot come to be while the world of today continues to exist. And so, the battle lines are drawn. On one side is the genius of Captain Brinn; on the other is the military might of the entire world. From the bottom of the ocean to the surface of the moon, the world will learn that there is no stopping the Captain, and no stopping the Argo. (Book One of the Argosy Trilogy) (Science Fiction)

3-D Cover for Sh*t Magnet

"Sh*t Magnet" - Author, Tanker, Soldier...Spy. The life and career of a Spy for the U.S. Army. The author describes a life where the rewards to be earned are as astounding as the price to be paid is devastating. This autobiography reflects the changing world and the United States in the closing decades of the Twentieth Century. (Nonfiction/Autobiography)

3-D Cover for Tartarus

"Tartarus" - In blood, sand, and hellfire, Captain Jacob Brinn takes you from the world of today into a strange and alien world: a world where legend becomes fact; myth becomes history; and the secrets of the universe are laid bare. (Book Three of the Argosy Trilogy) (Science Fiction)

3-D Cover for The Final Revelation

"The Final Revelation" - Book 3 of the AntiChristo Trilogy begins. The "end of the world" is over, and the new world begins as the Antichrist, his conquest of the world of man complete, only needs to consummate his deal with Satan and storm Paradise itself. Heís already picked the mother of his sacrifice and no power on earth can deny him. (Book 3 of the AntiChristo Trilogy) (Science Fiction/Christian)

3-D Cover for The First Seal

"The First Seal" - Three thousand years ago, God told Daniel, "Hide these words and put a seal on the book until the end of days." Today, Dr. Tamarah Frenmen has broken the seal and revealed the shocking secrets that lie within the Bible itself. And, the most horrific is that the Antichrist is real. He's an inhuman monster born of science that is ready, willing, and able to storm the gates of Heaven itself. And, by breaking the seal, Dr. Frenmen has just told him how to do it. (Book 1 of the AntiChristo Trilogy) (Science Fiction/Christian)

3-D Cover for The Third Temple

"The Third Temple" - The most evil story ever told, the AntiChristo Trilogy continues. The lucky ones died in the cataclysm that ended manís world. Now shock and horror pile on top of disaster with trip-hammer force decimating whatís left of humanity and ravaging the planet. Until the Antichrist, leading all the legions of Hell, rides in to save the human race from the vengeance of an angry and merciless God. (Book 2 of the AntiChristo Trilogy) (Science Fiction/Christian)

3-D Cover for Vector

"Vector" - A crack team of explorers find themselves stark naked, in the dark, and totally clueless. Buried deep beneath an Earth shattered by war, devastated by disease, and ravaged by alien monsters. (Science Fiction)

3-D Cover for Virus

"Virus" - Two powerful alien forces, the sadistic half-human Brotherhood and the savage Hivers, are determined to destroy all human life on Earth. All that stands between them and the achievement of their goal are the old Earth team and their Raider allies. Enemy actions force the Earth team to deploy on an emergency reconnaissance mission. When all is lost, and only one option remains, they seize it. They launch a desperate near-suicidal assault at the very heart of their vastly superior enemy. (Science Fiction)

Sheirer, John

Cover for Growing Up Mostly Normal in the Middle of Nowhere: A Memoir

"Growing Up Mostly Normal in the Middle of Nowhere: A Memoir" - This memoir stands out as a beautifully written account of a mostly happy, mostly normal, fully real life at once both ordinary and extraordinary. Sheirer explores intensely personal experiences and relationships with humor, surprise, awe, suspense, and deep insight. With the depth of a memoir and the flow of a novel, Sheirer chronicles how his simple youth of farm, sports, school, nature, and family led him to an unlikely adulthood as an author and college professor. (Nonfiction/Memoir)

Sullivan, Philip R.

3-D Cover for A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

"A Peaceful, Easy Feeling" - His childhood scarred by trauma, Patrick Sayer moved to rural Maine as a young man in search of a simple life close to nature. But now the paper-mill workers have gone on strike, and as money runs low, tempers run high. Patrick is unwittingly snared in the deadly struggle and becomes terrified when his own life is threatened by he knows not whom nor why. He seeks help from those around him, but finds in the end that he needs to achieve his own salvation. (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for Coming Home Again

"Coming Home Again" - Coming Home Again is the story of Jud Gerard, an earnest young man who is dying before his time. The chronicle unfolds around the central people in Judís life, all very much alive, and all forced to deal vicariously with the issue of their own mortality as they try to help their friend through his final days. The portrayal is candid, yet socked with humor of the sort thatís inherent in our human efforts to find ultimate meaning in life and love and loss. (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for In His Right Mind

"In His Right Mind" - In His Right Mind tells the story of a man who is thrust into an adventure he never would have chosen, with a result he never could have imagined. The line that separates sanity from insanity and health from illness is sometimes hard to find. (Fiction/Literary)

3-D Cover for The Wolf Tree

"The Wolf Tree" - Why has Michael Manning left his big-city medical practice and retired early to a farm in rural Maine? And has he really—as viewed by Lesley Jordan, an attractive nurse in nearby Winchendon—reneged on his implied agreement to help his fellow man? An unexpected series of adventures arise as Michael tries to settle into his new community, leading to interactions with Lesley that are touching yet comical. Their story addresses a question that arises inevitably during the course of a human life: does this relationship have any future? (Fiction/Literary)

Taddeo, Nick

3-D Cover for Anna's Passion

"Anna's Passion" - Annaís Napa Valley winery has been suffering debilitating attacks, not from other competing wineries but from an intensely troubled young man. She must take action soon or she will lose everything: the winery, the land, the vines, and the equipment. Even her identity is being threatened. She must figure a way out. It has to be something dramatic, yet simple, but so effective it will set in his brain forever. (Fiction/General)

3-D Cover for August in the Mind

"August in the Mind" - Tony Antonelli can't explain why he attacked a total stranger without provocation. He suspects genetic memory triggered his action, an ancient hatred inherited. He journeys to Italy, back to his roots, to seek the answer and preserve his sanity. Provides grand insights into Italy today and its remarkable history. (Fiction/General)

3-D Cover for Night Wine

"Night Wine: A Novel" - Night Wine traces the experiences of a determined young winemaker, Amerigo Pugliesi. His struggles over the forces of weather, Prohibition, and prejudice provide the backdrop for this unique novel set in the California wine country. It is a story that's never been told about the enormous influences diverse minorities have contributed to developing the California wine industry into the highly respected position it holds in the world today. (Fiction/Family Saga)

3-D Cover for Tinnemaha Creek

"Tinnemaha Creek" - Wildlife vs. human rights clash when a cougar approaches two young girls searching for wildflowers near the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas. Cobra Stevens, wildlife biologist, must restore peace out of chaos that erupts between the ranchers who form a hunter's coalition and the animal rights advocates. Time is clearly running out in this deadly battle. And what of the cougar? Will he be the ultimate loser? (Fiction/Contemporary)

3-D Cover for The Afghan Tiger

"The Afghan Tiger" - Tyler may have had it tough during his two tours in Afghanistan, but none of that prepares him for returning to civilian life where he faces deception, fraud, and thievery. He will not come out of the civilian wars unscathed, but when he elects to return to the war zone to make right a terrible wrong, the reader will come away with the sense that the experience has changed Tyler, as well as the reader, for the better. (Fiction/General)

Thornton, Paul B.

3-D Cover for Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

"Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom" - Playing hockey in high school, prep school and in college, taught author, Paul B. Thornton, valuable life lessons. In addition, it sparked his interest in management and leadership. He studied and observed what the top coaches did that made them successful. This book describes his journey from player to coach to leader. He illustrates the four steps that all leaders must take to make a difference. (Nonfiction/Business/Leadership)

Ulsever, Cuneyt

3-D Cover for The Lmae Revolutionary Conspiracy

"The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy" - When the very popular President of the Republic of Turkey, Turgut Ozal, dies suddenly of a heart attack, questions arise around the world. Did he die of natural causes or was he poisoned? The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy is the compelling story of how the most insignificant people in Turkey could infiltrate the highest echelons of power and steal not only the life of Turkey's president, but also any chance the country had to take its place in the building of the new Middle East. (Fiction/Mystery/Historical)

3-D Cover for The Murders at Castletop

"The Murders at Castletop" - When three seemingly unrelated murders occur almost simultaneously and are similar in more ways than could possibly be called coincidental, homicide detectives in Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya, Turkey compare notes, trying to uncover the truth behind the particularly brutal slayings of three men, who once lived together in a shanty town on the outskirts of Istanbul, many years ago. (Fiction/Mystery)

Unver, M. Mehmet

3-D Cover for Mad: A Free Man

"Mad: A Free Man" - A young Sumerian priest is taken from his idyllic village and sold into slavery. This is the story of how he fights to escape bondage and rescue a banished goddess and in doing so, save his people from the tyrannical ruling god, Enki, and his power-hungry followers, who make up the ruling class in this ancient civilization. (Fiction/Fantasy/Historical)

Williams, David R.

3-D Cover for Killer Asylum

"Killer Asylum" - Serial killer Soren Cabal knows Alison Moire, an FBI expert who has spent years studying the minds of people like himself. As she re-enters his world, he believes she herself is on the edge of insanity. He is determined to push her over the edge. To force her to become him. A bold, terrifying journey into the mindset of a serial killer. (Fiction/Horror)

Yemni, Sadik

3-D Cover for The Amulet

"The Amulet" - Sarp seems like a typical young boy, growing up in a typical Turkish city in the 1960s, but there are secrets from the past that start to unfold and mesh with his "typical" life, until he can hardly tell what is the "here and now" and which part of what he sees belongs to dimensions of the past. The Amulet is a tale of good vs. evil, spun in a web of superstition and sorcery. (Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal)



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