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Outcasts of the Homeland - Ayten, Mahmut, and Gulseren are young people living in the slums outside Ankara, Turkey and struggling to find their own identities in a place trapped between city ways and village tradition. Outcasts of the Homeland is a poignant tale of migrant villagers forced for various reasons to abandon their agrarian roots and fight tooth and nail to establish a new life in the city.

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Other Titles by Kemal Ates

The Rotten Door - May Publishing, 1978

Better Late Than Never - Hatipoglu Publishing, 1989

While Listening To a Song - Cem Publishing, 1995

Untaught Turkish - Cumhuriyet Books, 1999

Gulten Dayioglu's Stories for Children - Kultur Bakanligi, 2000

Shepherd Boy - Kultur Bakanligi, 2000

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Kemal Ates
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Kemal Ates was born in Kaman, Turkey, in 1947, went to school in Ankara and studied Turkish Literature in college. After completing his Doctorate coursework in Turkic languages, he wrote his doctoral dissertation, entitled, "The Expression of Local Dialect in Turkish Novels."

Ates has been published in several magazines, including Turkish Language, Reflections, Free Expression, and Teacher's World as well as writing editorals for Milliyet and Cumhuriyet which are major national Turkish daily newspapers.

Kemal Ates paved the way for a new genre in Turkish literature, describing life in the slums or gece kondu which means "built in the night," and has received wide recognition for his works. He has received awards from the Lions Club, MAY Publishing and PEN Writer's Association. Outcasts of the Land received the "Mehmet Ali Yalcin Award for Literature" in 1991.

Kemal Ates
Ankara, Turkey
May 18, 2010


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