Our Privacy Policy

ForemostPress.com is committed to protecting your privacy, whether you are a visitor, subscriber, customer, or any combination of these. Here is how we deal with personal information you share with us. The key point is that we do not share it with any entity except for the purpose of processing your order.

Email Addresses

If you send us an email message, your email address is used only for a reply to your message. We keep no record of it. This applies as well to our Feedback form.

If you purchase a product or service, we do keep a record of your email address. But only to provide what you ordered.

Under no circumstances is your email address used in any other way than is described above. And we never, ever share it with anyone for any reason.

Email Content

If the content of your email message to us can help improve our site, relates to the quality of a book or service provided, or relates in any way to this site, we reserve the right to use the content you sent. However, we will never use your email address unless you specifically give us permission to do so. We may edit your content for spelling and grammatical errors, or reduce it in length.

Format Of Email Addresses On This Site

In order to protect you from Spam, we do not use any conventional email format. If you send us a neat comment about a book, and we add your email address as joe@somesite.com, the Spam robots will harvest this address and you'll be flooded with Spam as CDs containing your email address continue to be sold.

While inconvenient for those wanting to contact you, instead of joe@somesite.com, we use: joe+somesite.com - The Spam bots will not see this as an email address, thus you are protected. Unfortunately, this format can not be made clickable. Those who want to contact you will need to copy the address from our page, paste it into their mailing program, then change the + to @, before being able to send a message.

All addresses related to ForemostPress.com are clickable, or can be copied and pasted. We feel you are entitled to this convenience, that we'll have to take our chances on the Spam bots. But we do not want to put your email address at risk in any way.

Other Personal Information

Any contact or personal information you provide is used only for the purpose intended. The common use of this information is to deliver a product or service to you. Under no circumstances is this information shared with anyone at any time.


Extensive security measures in place on this site protect you from the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. Credit card and other customer information is encrypted and processed on a secure server at PayPal, a major player in the online credit card processing world. They have an impeccable security record.

All book transactions are fully automated. No credit card information is taken on our site. It is collected only at PayPal. This makes transactions super secure, for this information does not need to be transferred. And we do not receive any record of this information. When you order a printed version of a book, we do hold address information long enough to deliver it to you. Then it is discarded.

Updating Personal Information

We keep no record of such information. So there is never a need to update or delete it.


We never spam.

We will not associate with any firm or individual who does use spam. A verified complaint against anyone using spam associated with this site in any way results in immediate termination of the relationship.

Please report any incident of unsolicited email that includes any mention of ForemostPress.com. You will receive a prompt reply and our thanks. The matter will be dealt with swiftly.

Other Sites

ForemostPress.com links to other sites. We can not be responsible for the privacy practices or changes in the content of such sites. Please let us know if you find a site to which we link that is objectionable to you. We will investigate. If our findings suggest doing so, we will remove the link.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with it, please contact us through our Feedback form or send an email to mary@foremostpress.com

Mary Holzrichter
Foremost Press
7067 Cedar Creek Rd.
Cedarburg, WI 53012



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